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Ann Coulter Defends Paladino’s Comments About Gays: It’s Like Saying, “Go Cubs!”

Reported by Ellen - October 11, 2010 -

I suppose it was inevitable that someone on Fox News was going to defend Carl Paladino’s recent remarks about gays. After all, when he threatened to “take out” a New York Post reporter, Mike Huckabee and Sean Hannity gushed and Bill O’Reilly made excuses. But neither Hannity nor O’Reilly (nor Megyn Kelly nor Brian Kilmeade nor Steve Doocy) defended Paladino yesterday (Huckabee’s show hasn’t aired yet). As the conversation moved on, O’Reilly did seize the opportunity to suggest the Obama administration are ACORN-like reverse racists by once again beating the discredited, dead horse of the New Black Panther Party case.

Coulter told O’Reilly, “I think someone on this network should (stick up for Paladino), this great warrior to cut your taxes, New Yorkers. I mean (when he made the comments about gays), he’s speaking to Hasidim… It’s like being in Chicago: you say, ‘Go Cubs!’”

I’ve long thought O’Reilly is no fan of Coulter’s and he showed more than a little impatience with her here – especially when Coulter opined that Paladino’s comments would help him win votes.

Then it was on to Saturday Night Live’s send up of Gloria Allred. O’Reilly asked Coulter for a prediction as to whether or not Homeland Security will deport Allred's client, Nicky Diaz, the illegal immigrant at the center of California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman’s “maidgate.”

Coulter thought Homeland Security director “has to” and will deport Diaz. “You make a spectacle of yourself, you’re gonna get deported,” Coulter said.

O’Reilly argued otherwise. He said, the Department of Justice “had those Black Panthers outside that polling place, dead… They may do the same thing here. You’ve got Nicky Diaz, obviously using a phony Social Security card… and they may just ignore it.”

Coulter said the cases were different “on about five different levels.” But she did not note that the main difference is that the New Black Panther “case” is a phony, trumped up controversy. Instead, she added to Fox News’ “Obama-DOJ-as-ACORN” meme by saying, “There’s the black issue and that’s always special and different.” She did, however, note that one difference is that voter intimidation “doesn’t happen that much” and is not the hot button subject that illegal immigration is.

Well, if voter intimidation is not such a hot subject, it’s not for lack of Fox News’ trying. To listen to Megyn Kelly earlier this summer, you’d think that scary black men are about to descend on voting booths all across the country this November.

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