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Sister Mary Megyn Kelly Does Some Slut Shaming

Reported by Priscilla - October 10, 2010 -

In what could have been a lecture from one of my old school sisters of no mercy, Megyn Kelly freaked out about women who are sexually liberated. I don’t recall if she lectured the Duke Lacrosse players about getting shit faced and hiring “exotic dancers” (boys will be boys, right Megyn?) but she is certainly not happy about a female Duke student who did a Power Point presentation which ranked the guys whom she supposedly had sex with. Kelly, along with fellow attorneys Joanna Spilbor and Kimberly Guilfoyle discussed, earlier this week, the legal ramifications of Karen Owen’s “kiss and tell” project which went viral and which, interestingly, involved some members of the Duke Lacrosse team. As a result of the publicity surrounding this “study,” Owen has been contacted by several publishers. But after discussing the totally legit privacy issues here, Kelly used the case as a sounding board for a little lecture about “loose women.” Funny, since time immemorial, men were actually expected to “sleep around” and it’s just ascribed to testosterone being testosterone. Women, on the other hand, were expected to remain virginal until they found their Prince Charming and if they didn’t, they were described as whores, sluts, slatterns, bitches, and a whole host of other words that have no equivalent for men who do the same thing. Ms.Owen was only doing what has been a traditional male activity (the beginning of “Facebook”) but Sister Mary Megyn sees it as degenerate behavior under the guise of feeling liberated. I’m sure all her young women fans will take her words to heart – just like so many Catholic school students throughout history – not!!!!

Kelly, about three quarters through the discussion, said that she had to go off topic because she had “beautiful, law school graduates.” She asked “what was she thinking?” and referenced how Owens said that she had slept with 13 guys. In what is a perennial complaint about them young’ins, the older and wiser Kelly said that she guesses that “in this day and age they think that’s empowering?” She got all “ghetto” (!) in her sneering projection of what these (“promiscuous” I guess?) women are saying: “I slept around, I’m in control, listen to my exploits, listen to how I judge these guys just by their size and their performance opposed to who they are as men.” (Hmm, Bill O’Reilly was a size freak as I recall but I digress). After her little “oh, no she didn’t” moment, her voice got louder and dripped with indignation with “I personally was disgusted, disgusted.” Guilfoyle agreed and mentioned that this could hurt Owen’s job prospects. (Then again…!!!) Spilbor said it was “despicable.” Kelly remarked that “a lot of these guys were athletes at duke.” She added that “having dated the captain of the lacrosse team at Syracuse” (Hope he wasn’t getting into “exotic dancers” and “townies” cuz it’s not exactly a secret that lacrosse guys are super jocks who sometimes get a little – ah – rowdy) "and Men do not respect women who do this.” (But it’s fine for the guys?) “They sleep with half the lacrosse team. They don’t think it’s a great thing. They don’t talk about how great you are. They talk about what a joke you are.” (Well, Megyn, looks like the tables got turned. We’re not in the 50’s anymore.) We continued to do the time warp again with Sister Mary Megyn’s final “advice” – “Don’t sleep around! Don’t be easy! It’s not empowering, its embarrassing! You will be the butt of men’s jokes! You won’t be respected. And you may be humiliated like this women is now.”

Comment: So women can’t have multiple sexual partners because they will be the butt of men’s jokes. Is Megyn saying that we gals need to be pure because if we’re not, the men won’t respect us? And if so, isn’t that just more conforming to the hypocritical and sexist mores of a patriarchal system which has no problem with a double standard which Megyn seems to be supporting. If she’s so hot and bothered about women who admit to sex with 13 men (the horror, the horror) then shouldn’t she be tsk-tsking about guys who do the same thing. (Frats do it all the time) Maybe she should be lecturing Newt Gingrich, whose “easy” exploits are legendary. Granted, nobody likes a sex braggart but this crap about respect is straight from the days when women were virtuous, minorities knew their place, and there were no gays – an imaginary and mythical world to say the least. If Sister Mary Megyn wants to offer some practical advice she should advise those men and women, who have multiple partners, to have safe sex. Yes, caution and discretion are wise in any sexual situation, especially with omnipresent video capabilities and the internet. But not “sleeping around” because men won’t respect you, pulleeze. “Jezebel” gets it: “Here's another reminder that women can be as flip, aggressive, or acquisitive about sex as men can. And there's nothing wrong with that, as long as all parties are consenting.” But we can’t have men and women on equal footing, cuz that would conflict with “traditional values” which Megyn Kelly, as an employee of Fox News, knows all about!

"Don't be easy." Megyn Kelly



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