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Uncompassionate Conservative: Beck Says Fee-Based Fire Department "Had To" Let Non-Paying Family's House Burn Down

Reported by Ellen - October 9, 2010 -

Glenn Beck, the guy who love his country so much he'd cry for it, was all in favor of the Tennessee Fire Department that allowed a family's house to burn down because they had not paid their subscription. Beck made a show of sympathizing with the family. But the house "had to" burn, Beck said, because if the firemen put out the fire, that meant another domino had fallen to Obamacare. Really.

During their discussion on The O'Reilly Factor last night (10/8/10), Bill O'Reilly he was "almost" with Beck but thought the fire department should have put out the fire and then charged the family.

But multi-millionaire Beck thought the family needed to pay up first. Period. "I don’t know how the firemen stood there and didn’t (help put out the fire) but they had to," Beck said. "...As cold and as awful as it sounds."

He likened O'Reilly's idea to buying health insurance after you get cancer. "It doesn't work."

Actually, it's not like insurance, which is money you pay to guarantee compensation in the event of some kind of loss. This was a subscription fee, similar to garbage collection or a road toll. But apparently, Beck will use any opportunity to hate monger against Obama and/or public services.

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Video via Media Matters.