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Steve Doocy Prefers To Be Ignorant Of World Religions?!

Reported by Priscilla - October 8, 2010 -

When I refer to Steve Doocy as a MENSA member, I’m being facetious. But, seriously, is he an idiot or does he play one on TV?! On this morning’s Fox & Friends, the topic was religious literacy as seen by the results of a recent Pew Poll which showed that atheists scored higher than Christians on a test of religious knowledge – a finding that Gretchen Carlson found “shocking.” Steve Doocy, not his usual ebullient self, introduced Stephen Prothero, the author of “Religious Literacy, What Every American Needs To Know and Doesn’t.” Prothero asked Steve and Gretch a couple of questions that are on the Pew Poll. They answered correctly. And that’s where the discussion took some interesting turns with the upshot being what appeared to be an unusual absence of unanimity between the Fox “friends” which created what appeared to be palpable discomfort.

Gretch asked why it was important to know about other’s religion if one has personal faith. As Prothero explained that it’s important to know about the religion of other countries in “order to make sense of the world," Steve scowled, either in non-comprehension or disagreement. He then said, in an almost combative manner, “why.” (Why should we want to make sense of the world? Why Indeed!). Looking surprised by the tone and content of Steve’s question, Prothero explained that religions motivate people. Doocy asked “aren’t those core beliefs enough. It’s great if you know about this stuff, facts and figures…isn’t it more important to know about what you feel and what you believe in?” Gretch didn’t smile as she stared at him. He continued, sarcastically, “they call it faith.” Prothero explained that the civic aspect of religious literacy is important especially in light of the conflict in the Middle East. Gretch actually said that as most wars are based on religion, it is important to understand the faith of others. Steve continued to look dumbstruck as Prothero spoke of how part of Christian tradition is to respect the role of church figures, throughout history, and it shows a disdain if you don’t care. When Gretch said it was “a very interesting discussion,” Steve said “that’s your opinion.” Gretch seemed surprised and at a loss for words at that retort.

Comment: Wow. The usual shits and giggles and Steve Doocy buffoonery were conspicuously absent in this strange segment. But what was even more astounding was Steve Doocy’s affirmation of the type of anti-intellectualism and cultural myopicism that is the hallmark of today’s religious right. Steve is, as far as I know a Catholic, and Catholic education does not promote this type of narrow parochialism. Back when I went to Catholic “academy,” we actually visited synagogues and churches of other religions which we were taught about in social studies class. But beyond the willfull ignorance is the stupidity of it all. Gretch “got” what Steve didn’t; i.e. that if we want to be citizens of the world, we need to know what, as Prothero explained, makes people tick. Without that, any attempt at a Middle East peace process would be futile. Steve doesn’t get it and doesn’t want to get it. But please check out the video. Is Steve on heavy “meds,” was he in a bad mood and being purposely obstructionist, or was he just being an idiot – something that, I suspect, isn’t just made for TV! One thing is for sure - he wasn't being "Mr. Happy."


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