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“Constitutionalist” Glenn Beck Rants Against The First Amendment Rights Of The One Nation Rallyers

Reported by Ellen - October 8, 2010 -

Co-authored by Aria

Glenn Beck, that uber patriot who loves his country so much he’d cry for it, was so busy hate mongering on Fox & Friends earlier this week that he didn’t notice how completely hypocritical and un-American he sounded as he attacked five-term Connecticut Attorney General – and Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate – Richard Blumenthal as someone who “doesn’t care about the Constitution.” Then, moments later, Beck proved how little regard he has for the Constitution as he ranted that he “can’t believe” he lives in a country where the One Nation Working Together rallyers are allowed to assemble - you know, as the Constitution guarantees. The three Fox Friends were disturbingly comfortable and supportive not only with what he said on their show, but how hatefully he said it.

At about 2:17 into the segment, Beck began attacking Blumenthal. “I have to tell you something. Connecticut, if you elect Blumenthal, you get what you deserve… He doesn’t care about the Constitution. I asked him when he was going after the salaries, remember… for the AIG executives: ‘Hey, where do you get that in the state constitution? Where can you possibly do it?' He couldn’t answer the question. He’s the Attorney General (of the State of Connecticut). That’s his only job!”

As he so often does, Beck greatly oversimplified and distorted the case. Connecticut General Statute Section 3-125 states, “The Attorney General shall have general supervision over all legal matters in which the state is an interested party, except those legal matters over which prosecuting officers have direction… He shall appear and take such action as he deems to be for the best interests of the state.” In other words, while the state constitution obviously reigns supreme, it’s the AG’s job to be a legal advocate for the state, much the same way a civil attorney advocates for a client, rather than to focus on interpreting the constitution. That’s the job of the Supreme Court. I wonder how Beck would answer if someone demanded he explain where in the corporate charter of News Corp., he finds the authority to do what he does.

It’s also worth noting that in the official history of the State AG’s office, it states, “In the 1980s, …the Attorney General took significant steps to protect consumers from fraud, residents from environmental hazards and workers from industrial injury and disease… As the federal government retreated from its historic role as the chief protector of citizens, the Attorney General's Office took on extra work, including suits against the United States itself over unsafe trucks, OSHA regulations and the cable television industry.”

Beck may not agree with that interpretation of the AG’s role but it’s hardly something Blumenthal (who began serving in 1991) dreamed up in order to overstep his authority and nab AIG executives.

All three Fox Friends, Gretchen Carlson, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade, took Beck at his word that Blumenthal “doesn’t care about the Constitution.” They didn’t even have a question about how someone who “doesn’t care about the Constitution” could manage to get elected AG and then re-elected four times over a course of 20 years.

Having paraded his Constitutional bona fides – to his own satisfaction, I'd guess – Beck quickly began to attack the Constitutional rights of his fellow Americans. As Gretchen Carlson maneuvered the conversation to a comparison of Beck’s 8/28 rally and the One Nation Working Together rally held last weekend, Beck wasted no time endeavoring to undermine the rights of the ONWT attendees. His voice full of hammy outrage, Beck thundered, “I cannot believe I live in a country that can have… 300 communists, socialist, radical revolutionary groups endorsed by the president and endorsing the president and the Democratic Party meet on the mall.”

He can’t believe he lives in a country where everyone has the right to peaceable assembly? That little right that’s part of the First Amendment to the Constitution? Who’s acting like they don’t care about it now?

Not one of the hosts noticed the hypocrisy. Not one seemed to care that Beck was suggesting certain people who had done nothing more than hold political views Beck disagreed with should be deprived of their Constitutional rights.

Nor did any of the hosts have a question – much less an objection – as Beck said that the midterm elections “may just speed (Obama’s revolutionary zeal) up again. If you look at what Venezuela is doing. He lost in a dramatic fashion. And what has he said? He’s pushing the revolution faster. We are headed for trouble. We have to pull together.”

Yes, Glenn Beck, the guy who wants to deprive Americans of their Constitutional rights while accusing others of not caring about the Constitution, and the guy who baselessly suggests our president will “push the revolution faster” was now putting himself forth as a uniter, not a divider.

Not a single person on the couch seemed to have a problem with a single thing he said.

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