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On Fox "News," Christiane Amanpour Just Can't Win!

Reported by Priscilla - October 7, 2010 -

The religious right truly hate any effort, on the part of the librul media, to expose their base bigotry especially as it pertains to Islam. Christiane Amanpour became a target of their wrath when she included Christians, in "God's Warriors," as an example of religious extremists. Her recent ABC Town Hall, which was a discussion about Islamophobia, included those who have problems with Islam (Gary Bauer, Robert Spencer and the Rev. Franklin Graham) as well as Islamic scholars like Reza Aslan. Despite the diversity of the panel, conservatives Bill O'Reilly and Brent Bozell felt it necessary to attack Amanpour for how she handled the discussion. It's funny because Bozell's and O'Reilly's criticism came from opposite perspectives. In dealing with, clearly, a "radical" British Islamic cleric, O'Reilly said that Amanpour should have laughed at him and called him a loon. (How professional. But next time O'Reilly is in a discussion group, perhaps the moderator could say the same thing to him?) Bozell, on the other hand, said "Christiane Amanpour was supposed to be the moderator" and not an "educator." He claimed that she interjected herself inappropriately. Ms. Amanpour just can't win.

FYI to those right wingers who claim that the term "Islamophobia" was, like "homophobia," made up by liberals to insult good conservatives who just happen to hate Islam. The term was defined in 1997, by the British Runnymede Trust, as the "dread or hatred of Islam and therefore, to the fear and dislike of all Muslims." In 2001, at the Stockholm International Forum on Combating Intolerance, it was recognized "as a form of intolerance alongside xenophobia and anti-Semitism." "Homophobia" was used in psychiatry starting in the 50's. By the 70's the meaning was expanded from "fear" of homosexuals to "psychological aversion" to homosexuals.