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Laura Ingraham Provides Bill O’Reilly Endorsement of Christine O’Donnell?

Reported by Priscilla - October 7, 2010 -

The right wing certainly wants to promote the candidacy of teabagging former witchcraft dabbler and hater of masturbation, Christine O’Donnell. Fox News, however, hasn’t been leading the cheerleading. O’Donnell is making herself scarce to Fox with only an appearance on Hannity. She has declined invitations from Chris Wallace and Bill O’Reilly. But during a recent "Factor" discussion about O’Donnell’s latest “I am not a witch” ad, Laura Ingraham made a comment that appeared to burnish O’Reilly Republican creds by a “projection” that O’Reilly supports O’Donnell. Color me jaded, but I do wonder if this was intentional. Not surprisingly, Ingraham, (sporting her great, big, Christian cross bling) liked the ad. O’Reilly was more non committal. He said that although he “wasn’t rooting against her,” he “couldn’t get behind her and I don’t do that anyway, here” (good thing, if you catch my drift, wink, wink!) “ but even if I were living in Delaware.” He stated that he “doesn’t know her” and “can’t get a feel for her.” (A-hem!) Ingraham described Chris Coon’s liberal positions and told Bill, “you couldn’t support Coons.” When Bill didn’t commit to supporting O’Donnell, Ingraham rolled her eyes and said “you would definitely vote for her.” Bill ignored her comment and changed the topic to the Connecticut Senate race. The interview appeared to be “fair & balanced” – or was it?

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