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Fox News Website Doing The “Scary Black Man Thing” Again

Reported by Priscilla - October 7, 2010 -

As the mouthpiece for the “white, Christian, male power structure” of right wing America (read GOP), Fox media is not happy about an educational program which uses rap music to promote history. Along with playing the fear of Islam card, Fox does play the fear of scary black people card or, as Kirsten Powers said, "doing the scary black man thing" (read New Black Panther controversy) and there’s nothing scarier for “real” Americans (read white) than black rappers which are the newest iteration of traditional American color bigotry which, during an earlier period of demographic change, was expressed as the “yellow peril” – a fear that was played up the Hearst newspapers which were, like Fox, purveyors of politically slanted and sensationalized “yellow journalism.” As News Hounds Alexreported, Glenn Beck, who supports the bogus revisionist history of homophobe Wall Builder David Barton, is sounding the clarion call against this un-American (read black) teaching methodology. Needing to reinforce this message of scary black rappers, the Fox News website has this threat to our democracy as a secondary lede. As with the Helena Montana “sex-ed” controversy and a Colorado art exhibit, Fox is making a local issue into a national one and in the process is doing a nice job of race baiting as shown by the top line about “dead white men.” There is context to the phrase, which is part of a song about past presidents, like Andrew Jackson, who did bad things to people of color; but Fox gives you what you need to know in the headline. Are ya scared yet? BTW, the headline for the Fox article is “Oklahoma Postpones Teach-Through-Rap Program That Refers to Founding Fathers As ‘Old Dead White Men’.” The Oklahoma paper from which it is sourced is titled "Oklahoma City District Pushes Pause On Hip-Hop Curriculum, City Public Schools purchased Flocabulary, an education tool that uses rap and hip-hop to engage at-risk students, but complaints have caused administrators to take a second look." "Dead white men" is buried in the story. The phrase “It’s not what you say but how you say it” comes to mind. Fox knows its demographics very well.

Correction - It was News Hounds Alex who wrote the thread about Beck.



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