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Fox News "Democrat" Doug Schoen Doing A Republican Fundraiser

Reported by Ellen - October 7, 2010 -

Sadly, it's not much of a shocker to learn that one of Fox News' favorite "Democrats," Doug Schoen, is now helping to put money where his mouth has been - in the pocket of Republicans.

Early in 2010, I christened Schoen the Democratic Wanker of the Decade for his eagerness to adopt GOP talking points as his own - including slobbering over the now-discredited ACORN videos and joining in pile-ons against Democrats.

So it's not much of a leap to find out that Schoen will soon appear at a Republican fundraiser for NY Congressional candidate John Gomez. Media Matters reported that Schoen, billed as a "top political strategist" will speak at a "meet and greet" for Gomez this Sunday.

Schoen's appearance may well have something to do with Sean Hannity. Media Matters noted:

Schoen's Gomez event appears to be yet another appearance linked to Fox News host Sean Hannity. As Media Matters previously documented, Hannity reportedly promised New York Republican and Conservative Party leaders he would "do all he could" to promote Gomez, help him fundraise and bring in headliners for events if they gave Gomez their party nods. In September, Newsday reported that "Gomez arranged [Fox News contributor Newt] Gingrich's [fundraising] visit through childhood friend and TV host Sean Hannity." Gomez has also drawn support from Hannity pals Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN), Sarah Palin, and Mark Levin.

Whether or not this is a one-time favor for pal Hannity or the shape of things to come for Schoen, one thing is certain: It's been a long time since I've seen him do any favors for Democrats.

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