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Did Hannity Earn A Palin Face Book Post For His Help Spinning Her Latest Ethical Cloud?

Reported by Ellen - October 7, 2010 -

In the wake of embarrassing leaked emails showing Todd Palin retaliating against Alaska Tea Party candidate Joe Miller’s lack of support for Sarah Palin’s hypothetical presidency (by yanking a supportive Face Book post, no less), Sarah Palin went running to Fox News for some Republican Rehab and PR. It must have been a tough call between BFF Greta Van Susteren or GOP bullyboy Sean Hannity. Palin could have gone on either show secure in the knowledge that neither would ask any embarrassing questions such as, “Was your endorsement of Miller based on the understanding he’d turn around and endorse you?” Or “Are you a serious candidate because if you are, shouldn’t you resign from Fox News and if you aren’t, isn’t it rather petty to attack someone in this fashion over a hypothetical?” Hannity won out. Not only did he predictably take Palin’s side, he bought her ludicrous explanation that the whole issue was a media plot to divert attention from the senate campaign. Right. That senate campaign that the Palins cared so much about when they deliberately inserted themselves into it by demanding allegiance to Sarah’s non-existent, possibly future candidacy in return for a Face Book post.

At about the 9:20 mark in the video below, Hannity asked Palin about the Miller controversy. He not only pre-spun it for Palin in the “question,” Hannity almost sounded apologetic for bothering Queen Grizzly Palin about such a thing. “Whenever your name comes up, it’s major news almost every time. There was a number of exchanges. You supported Joe Miller… Apparently, there was this email exchange with Todd and Joe, etc., …What do you think when they try to make you the issue in these campaigns and what is your reaction to that exchange?”

Palin curled her lip as Hannity began speaking but when it became clear he was going to help her skate, she smiled broadly. “Yeah, a diversion like that, trying to make me a part of the narrative there in Joe Miller’s campaign. Joe Miller is the right person to help lead Alaska and to help lead our nation and the desperation of the other camps trying to attack him on a leaked, private email from Todd to Joe Miller. That’s part of the question too, is how did the media ever even get that email?”

So did Miller say or do something to assuage Palin enough to wrest such a full-throated endorsement on the air that night? Or had the Palins backed down in the wake of an unflattering limelight? Todd Palin told The Weekly Standard that it was all a misunderstanding. "It turns out we'd gotten our wires crossed and Joe hadn't said anything like what I'd been told." We don't know what the Palins had "been told" but the videos are available for anyone to see and it was clear Miller refused to endorse Palin for president. Twice.

Predictably, the question never seemed to occur to Hannity. Instead, he kowtowed to an obviously delighted Palin by joking, “Wait a minute, if your last name is Palin, doesn’t that mean your emails are hacked often?"

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Wanna bet Hannity gets an appreciative Face Book post from the Palins?