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Dennis Miller Supports Sharron Angle Because She’s “A Nice Dame”

Reported by Priscilla - October 7, 2010 -

Last night, failed comedian Dennis Miller told Bill O’Reilly that he is doing a fundraiser for Sharron Angle because he hates Harry Reid. He admitted that he knows nothing about her but he thinks that she’s a “nice dame.” Hey Dennis, the 30’s called and they want their lingo back. Seriously Dennis, you might want to check out her political positions which call for “second amendment solutions” to political problems and allowing rapists to select their baby mama. (No abortion even in cases of rape because having the baby is making lemonade out of lemons – you dig?) But “dame” (which Miller said twice) Excuse Me? Beyond the sheer sexism of this comment (Can you imagine the outrage if Keith Olbermann had described Palin as a “dame?”) it’s just so incredibly archaic. Maybe cool cat Miller is drinking too much hooch and that's why he's dizzy about that dingy sweet patootie Sharron Angle. He says he's blowing his wig about her because Harry Reid is a twit – but calling her a dame is a real brodie!

Note - 30's slang taken from this website.

There's nothing like a dame!

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