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“Controversial” Art Exhibit Vandal A Fox News Fan?

Reported by Priscilla - October 7, 2010 -

On Fox Nation, the outraged “Christians” proclaimed that Jesus would not stand for the defamation of his image on the post card sized mural, in a Loveland Colorado museum, which depicted Jesus in what “some say” is oral sex. Well praise the Lord and pass the crowbars cuz a good “Christian” woman has taken action. 56 year old Kathleen Folden, a truck driver from Montana who sported a “tough as nails” Tee Shirt, was arrested on a charge of criminal mischief after she broke the glass over the picture and then ripped the offending section. As she did the righteous deed, she was overheard screaming “how can you desecrate my lord?” Hopefully, she’ll be released on bail and go on Fox & Friends where they will accord her the praise and glory that she deserves. Wonder if she is a Fox fan. If so, Fox should be proud of the social activism that results from their “fair & balanced” reporting of key issues for “real” Americans. But wait, Brian Kilmeade said it's those satanic Muslims who get all intolerant about art. I'm confused....