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O'Reilly Suggests Whitman's Housekeeper Won't Be Prosecuted Because Of "The Panther Thing"

Reported by Ellen - October 6, 2010 -

In discussing the California governor's race last night, Bill O'Reilly advanced the DOJ-as-ACORN meme I've been talking about when he expressed skepticism that Meg Whitman's illegal housekeeper would be deported - because of "The Panther Thing." What he meant was that the Obama DOJ won't prosecute her because of their reverse racism, thus adopting the trumped up allegations of a partisan GOP activist that was so prevalent on Fox last summer.

"Remember the Black Panther situation!" O'Reilly told his guest in the first video below. "If the Justice Department doesn't want to prosecute, they're not going to prosecute... How can they not prosecute the Panther thing? It's the same thing!"

In the second video below, O'Reilly can be seen saying something similar to Greta Van Susteren the night before. (Videos via Media Matters)

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