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On Fox & Friends Brent Bozell Says Christiane Amanpour Not Fair To “Mosque” Critics – Oh, The Irony

Reported by Priscilla - October 6, 2010 -

While I didn’t agree with William F Buckley’s politics, I did respect his intellectual ability and his association with intellectuals who would find the divisive and bigoted anti-intellectualism of Buckley’s nephew, Brent Bozell, just so outré. As I have noted, Bozell is quite the fave on Fox “News” opinion programs like Hannity’s and Fox & Friends – which, if an award were given for divisiveness, bigotry, and anti-intellectualism, Fox & Friends would win hands down! This morning, Bozell was on Fox & Friends where he whined about the non objectivity of Christiane Amanpor who recently did a “town hall” discussion on Islamophobia (nothing to see here, move along) and Park 51. Several years ago Amanpour did a CNN series called “God’s Warriors” in which she reported on Muslim, Jewish, and Christian extremists. For that, she earned the ire of Jesus’ BFF’s because she had the nerve to cover the cultish Ron Luce and the end time, multimillionaire, Islamophobic, Catholic Church is “whore of Babylon” Rev. John Hagee. (No extremism here, no sireee!) But her recent discussion of Park 51, on ABC, has earned her the wrath of Brent’s acolyte (but in a chaste and very heterosexual way) Brent Baker at “Newsbusters” who, in September, attacked her for not condemning Imam Rauf during her interview with him. “Newsbusters” has a new female target (move over Joy Behar) in Amanpour whose “Town Hall” discussion had, according Bozell (and Brent Baker), “no semblance of fairness.” Oh the irony!!!! And when Doocy, on cue, asked if Amanpour was on a “personal jihad” (unlike Fox & Friends various “crusades”) Bozell bitched (and his nasal voice is hardly the basso profundo of his uncle!) about how “elite liberal” Amanpour, who as admitted by Bozell had a balanced panel (Included Islamophobes Pater Gadiel and Franklin Graham), was harsher on the critics than she was of the supporters of Park 51. Want some cheese with that whine, Brent? Somebody call a whambulance because Brent Bozell says Christiane Amanpour isn’t fair & balanced. Oh, the humanity!


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