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Glenn Beck – Palling Around With Homophobes!

Reported by Priscilla - October 6, 2010 -

Remember when Sarah Palin and her friends at Fox News claimed that Barack Obama was “palling around with terrorists?” They were referring to Obama’s tangential relationship with University of Illinois Professor Bill Ayers who had been a member of the “Weather Underground.” Yet - Fox “News” pundit, Glenn Beck, who does love to “expose” Obama’s terrorist connections, actually does have a close relationship with pseudo-historian and “Wall Builder” David Barton who now wants the government (which otherwise shouldn’t do anything other than imprison women who have abortions) to regulate homosexuality. It’s funny. On Monday, Gretchen Carlson was very sympathetic to the father of a fallen service member whose case against the homosexual hating Westboro Baptist Church is being heard before the Supreme Court. Westboro (which, according to the government is still, despite Carlson’s contention that it isn’t, a church) pickets funerals of fallen soldiers because they feel that war casualties are the result of American tolerance towards gays and “God hates fags.” (Tacky protests at abortion clinics are not a problem for the religious right). It’s kind of ironic because Gretch’s pals in the religious right do”hate fags;” but when fag hating is combined with funerals of US vets, it’s not considered acceptable. Glenn Beck’s pals do hate fags. It’s a complex world.