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How I knew The Judge Involved In A "Drug-Fueled Escapade With A Stripper" Is A Republican

Reported by Ellen - October 5, 2010 -

When I read an article on Mediaite called, Senior Federal Judge Arrested For Drug-Fueled Escapade With Stripper, I knew instantly that the judge in question was Republican, even though the article never said so. How? After watching nearly two hours of Fox News, including most of America Live - which often focuses on legal matters, and a good chunk of Studio B - there was not a single mention of it. The only coverage I found on FoxNews.com was an AP story.

It's a pretty darned juicy case with the kind of tabloidy details Fox News would ordinarily salivate over:

Mediaite writes: According to the AP, Judge Camp, the former chief judge for the northern district of Georgia, allegedly began his affair with the stripper last spring, in which he exchanged money for sex and also aided her in acquiring drugs. She has been given immunity for cooperating with the FBI and as such remains unidentified, though it is known she had a drug conviction on her record before encountering Camp. Given her record, Camp volunteered to buy the drugs for her. In his last encounter with the undercover agent posing as a drug dealer, he approached the scene unlawfully armed. He had assured his paramour before going that “I’ll watch your back anytime ’cause I’m afraid, and I not only have my little pistol, I’ve got my big pistol.”

Sure enough, my suspicions were confirmed on CNN.com: Camp, 67, is the former chief judge for the northern district of Georgia. He was appointed to the bench by then-President Ronald Reagan in 1987 and took senior status in 2008.

What are the chances that Fox News would have almost completely overlooked this story if the judge in question were a Democrat or, better yet, had been in any way associated with President Obama? I report, you decide.

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