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Fox “News” Sources Research From Bozell’s Right Wing “Times Watch”

Reported by Priscilla - October 5, 2010 -

As head of the “Media Research Center,” uber right wing Catholic (he's on the BOD of wild Bill Donohue's "Catholic League") Brent Bozell is on a mission from God to root out evil, librul influence in the media. As part of his jihad (whoops crusade) against those pernicious media influences which seek to destroy the American family by promoting the Hollywood and “gay agenda,” Bozell has spoken out about the degeneracy of Fox TV’s “Family Guy” and “The Daily Show” which, Bozell whines, “mocks Christianity.” (Judging from the inane and violent comments regarding oral sex Jesus, on Fox Nation, I would posit that Christians are doing a good job of providing great mocking material!) So it’s no surprise that Bozell, with his sterling conservative creds, would be a fave on Fox News where he is provided warm affirmation for his right wing rants. One of the MRC’s love children (in a chaste and very heterosexual way) is “Times Watch,” which seeks to identify evil, librul bias in the NY Times. Clearly, “Times Watch” is a partisan site where they whine about how evil NY Times libruls, like Frank Rich and Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman, insult Teabaggers and Fox News and Maureen Dowd insults the Catholic Church. So one understands why Bozell’s hirsute visage would be popular on Fox’s “opinion” shows; but the midday part of Fox’s programming is supposed to be “fair & balanced” news. Thus, it’s quite interesting that Fox’s Uma Pemmaraju would cite, in Saturday’s interview with the partisan, homophobic, Obama assassination joker, and has been journalist Liz Trotta, a study done by the “Times Watch” regarding how the media handles Supreme Court nominees. It’s also funny because this was cited on Bozells’s love child (in a chaste and very heterosexual way) “Newsbusters” website where Bozell’s acolytes whine when the evil librul media don’t identify their sources as “left wing.” Yet, neither Trotta nor Pemmaruju cited the partisan nature of “Times Watch.” Hmm, I suspect that if Keith Olbermann cited News Hounds, the krewe at Newsbusters would be all over it like flies on you know what!