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Beck: My Rally Was Bigger And Better Than Your Liberal Rally

Reported by Ellen - October 5, 2010 -

Size matters to Glenn Beck, at least when it comes to rallies in Washington D.C.

Maybe it was all the bad press Beck got over the weekend that made him so determined to let us know about his prowess. He started his opening monologue yesterday with a nearly 7-minute lecture about how great America is and then followed that up with his trademark boatload of hate. “The question is not do we have communists and revolutionaries and socialists around the president and the White House, the real question that we should have been asking from the very beginning is, does it matter?”

Anyone who has watched Beck for more than 10 minutes knows the answer. But instead of explaining why it mattered, Beck made it about Beck as he played a clip of him basically saying what he had just said, only some time before. Plus, in his quiet voice, so we knew he wasn’t boasting, Beck told us a co-worker at Fox had once suggested a bumper sticker asking, “What if Glenn Beck is right?” OK, so now we know not EVERYONE at Fox hates Beck.

Then it was on to smearing Saturday's One Nation Working Together rally which had – gasp! – communists and socialists attending. And – gasp! – the NAACP said, “This is a big tent… Anyone who wants to stand up to create jobs and defend the jobs of teachers, police officers, nurses, firefighters – I say come on and join us.”

“What kind of jobs are they creating?” Beck asked, as if he had not just told us their all-American goal.

“Nobody is taught about the evils of socialism or communism,” Beck said.

Yawn. Does Beck ever talk about anything else – other than himself?

Then Beck began his comparison of the two rallies, starting with a lie about his own. “At 8/28 there weren’t any signs because the people who came weren’t professional protesters or agitators. They came for the day. They’re regular working stiffs.”

In fact, the reason there were no signs was because Beck banned them. Repeatedly and forcefully.

Beck went on to really take the measure of the rallies by comparing outfits, the litter left behind, the size of crowds at the end and even the way the Pledge of Allegiance was said. "Now, I wasn't there but by all accounts on the ground, the crowd Saturday was largely unengaged, apathetic and barely paying attention. By the time the last speaker spoke, nobody was even there. There was like a hundred people there." Beck claimed. He played clips of crowd shots and said, "Many at ten to ten didn't even know why they were there." Then he went on to cherry pick a few clips of some less than articulate attendees. Of course, it was easy to overlook people like this who might have attended Beck's rally because he banned signs.

To borrow a phrase from Beck, the question is not whose rally was bigger or better but does it matter? If Beck explained why, I missed it as my mind kept wandering.

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