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In Supporting Art Censorship, Brian Kilmeade Says Muslims Are Intolerant!

Reported by Priscilla - October 4, 2010 -

Whenever the persecuted Christian right gets their pure white panties in a bunch about how evil libruls are disrespectful to Christianity, they frequently claim that these same libruls show deference to Islam when it comes to depicting images of Mohammed. The phrase, taken from a book, that “anti-Catholicism is the last acceptable prejudice” is bandied about by right wing Christians and Catholics. The absurdity of this position is demonstrated by the reality that the right wing, aided and abetted by Fox “News,” promotes prejudice against a number of groups deemed anathema – particularly atheists (atheist bus signs, "war on God") and Islam. In addition to absurdity, there is also a double standard. When the evil, librul ACLU challenges a possible violation of the “Establishment Clause,” Jesus’ BFF’s claim that their First Amendment rights are being violated – yet, when artwork, that Christians don’t like, is presented, they’re all for censorship. And that’s when the comment about how liberals are more tolerant of Islam comes into play, as demonstrated by good Catholic Brian Kilmeade who, along with his Christian “friend’ Gretchen Carlson, is concerned about some artwork that their fellow good Christians are vaclempt about. It’s not a surprise that the morning Christian culture club would be “on” this issue as, earlier this year, they attacked a gallery owner over “sacrilegious” art in which a nun (not, as Gretchen Carlson said, the Virgin Mary) was depicted holding a pink rifle. There’s more irony in that this is the same krewe that supports Christian crosses on public land and bible verses on rifles. Go figure.

The title of the Fox video asks the question “Art or Blasphemy?” (Oh, Blasphemy fer sure). The opening chyron reinforced the message “Lewd Act or Art, Exhibit Shows Jesus in a Lewd Act.” Problem here is that the “lewd” act, on the photo of Jesus, is blurred, so ya just have to take Brian Kilmeade’s word on faith alone! He reported that a Loveland Colorado museum is (his voice getting higher and louder) “stirring up controversy with a depiction of Jesus Christ with an image that was too graphic to air and now some people are protesting saying the image is pornographic.” Very good Christian and former Miss America, Gretchen Carlson, introduced a city councilman, Daryle Klassen, who wants the mural, which so far has drawn 600 people, removed. Carlsons said that Fox “reached out” to the artist and exhibit organizer but received no response. She said that part of the exhibited piece “depicted Jesus in a lewd sexual act, you have a big problem with that.” The non Cavuto marked chyron had the message: “Offensive Artwork, Loveland Residents Have Picketed the Museum.” The next chyron: “Artistic or Offensive?” (Oh, offensive fer sure) As he brayed about how offensive it was, the next chyron answered the question: “Offensive Artwork.” He claimed that there were words, which he couldn’t repeat, attached to the picture. Next chyron: “Art or Smut.” Kilmeade quoted the Governor who said that no tax dollars were used for the exhibit. Klassen, however, said that local taxes support the museum and “that raises the most important issue” (Gretch said “right.”) “Can art of any kind come into public facilities?” Gretch said “exactly.” She continued that one of Klassen’s arguments is that the art is at eye level for kids and that the picture (postcard size) and the words are inappropriate for kids. (Hey Gretch, it’s like “Happy Meals” – if you don’t want your kids to see this, don’t take them to this exhibit.) When Klassen said the words were “pure smut,” Kilmeade said “right.” Klassen said that because the art is in “comic book form, it will attract children.”

Brian Kilmeade then worked in the requisite Islamophobic agitprop: “I just wonder if someone would do that with Mohammed. What kind of reaction there would be then? You have an intellectual conversation, you’re going back and forth with the plus and minuses.” (WTF??? There were no “pluses” in this interview) "There doesn’t seem to be that type of tolerance when it comes to depicting Mohammed in the past. Am I right?" Klassen said that Kilmeade had a point but “in my opinion this is not a religious issue although the depiction of Christ certainly accelerates this” He added that this would be offensive if it were “John K Smith.” Gretch said that the artist states that “this is his way of fighting against racism.” She encouraged the viewers to e-mail with their opinion which one assumes will be along the lines of godless libruls hate Christians, Islam is of the devil etc.

Comment: Despite the lack of response from the artist and the museum, there is a wealth of information, about this exhibit, which was omitted from the Fox & Friends report. The curator of the exhibit has made a strong statement about how the artist’s, as well as the protesters, free speech is protected. She maintains that the image is not pornographic. There are other members of the community who don’t have a problem with it. The artist states that the work questions the Catholic Church as an institution and his own “faith and belief.” He also says that the Church’s concealment of pedophilia is the true obscenity. The issue is about an art exhibit in Colorado. Islam has nothing to do with this. Am I right?

Addendum: Artwork found here.


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