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Glenn Beck Obama Bashing Guest, Dinesh D’Souza, Has Some Ugly Baggage

Reported by Priscilla - October 4, 2010 -

Last week, Glenn Beck’s guest, Dinesh D’Souza, presented his “facts” about Barack Obama. These “facts” were culled from D’Souza’s latest screed about Obama – including the comment that Obama “is motivated by Kenyan anti-colonialism.” Salon’s Alex Parenne describes D’Souza’s book, “as a new and unique way of making a moderate pragmatic Democrat sound like a horrible monster bent on the destruction of America and enslavement of its people.” Daniel Larsen, in “The American Conservative,” describes it as “the most ridiculous piece of Obama analysis yet written.” Pullitzer Prize winning journalist, Eugene Robinson, refers to it as “gibberish.” Former Catholic and now “born again,” D’Souza was a Reagan policy advisor and is the newly appointed head of King’s College, a Christian evangelical college with close ties to the cultish "Campus Crusade for Christ." He is also the author of a plethora of right wing tomes among them “The End of Racism” which called for whites to “get over” its racial guilt and “The Enemy at Home” which blames liberals for 9-11. But good Christian and Obama basher, D’Souza has some junk in the trunk.

While at Dartmouth, where he dated Laura Ingraham, D’Souza “and his fellow Dartmouth Review staffers broke into the Gay Student organization files and from the mailing list outed gay students, ate shrimp cocktail and lobster on the patio of the Hanover Inn while their classmates fasted for OXFAM’s annual World Hunger Day, and secretly taped professors in classrooms to raise ad hominem attacks on faculty, calling them Marxist, Third World and preachers of leftist politics.” This behavior was so egregious that conservative Dartmouth Review Supporters William F Buckley and Jack Kemp terminated their financial ties with the publication. These are “facts” about D’Souza that Glenn Beck won’t be citing!

Check out how, when D’Souza who tries to say that the left share traits with Islamic terrorist, Stephen Colbert points out that those who espouse "traditional values," have lots in commen with fundamentalist Muslims!

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