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Fox Media Promotes “Jesus In Sex Act” Art Exhibit

Reported by Priscilla - October 4, 2010 -

One could argue that there are lots of important issues that deserve attention in the media. But a small group of American Christians say that Jesus is being insulted and thanks be to Jesus the Fox Media is there to provide some ordinance in the war between Jesus’ BFF’s and the evil, secular world which seeks to defame him. Fox & Friends provided warm Christian fellowship for those Christians who are upset about a postcard size rendering of what they think is Jesus getting oral sex. Always willing to provide a solid front in the culture war against godless libruls, Fox Nation and the Fox News website is the Praetorian guard for persecuted Christians. The art exhibit, made “controversial” because of Fox & Friends, is now a secondary lede on the Fox News website. It’s also a lede on Fox Nation where the “legion of decency” Jesus lovers are professing their hatred of evil libruls with the perfunctory libruls tolerate Islam bs. Not everyone is saying that Jesus is engaged in a sex act; but if Fox Nation says it, it must be true. Praise Jesus!! Hopefully, the museum isn’t getting death threats from the Jesus’ fans at Fox News and Fox Nation. If Jesus loves religious wars (and they have been legion), he must love Fox "News." Ya think! This whole idiocy just blows me away!