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Did Obama "Shoot" His Advisors Or Were They Rats Fleeing The Titanic?

Reported by Guest Blogger - October 4, 2010 -

By Brian

Saturday (10/2/10), Cavuto on Business featured a discussion with Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, about personnel changes in the Obama administration. The “fair and balanced” debate centered on whether Obama “shot” his departing advisors or whether they’re rats fleeing the Titanic. The only panelist without an anti-Obama administration position was Adam Lashinsky and he merely argued “we can't say for certain” Obama’s economic team didn’t do a good job.

Welch said Obama came into office “without any economic background at all,” and added that the administration “either let Congress… or they, themselves, came up with a policy that turned out to be a bummer, and in the end when you have a bummer of a policy and you’ve relied on people to do it, you have to shoot them. And that’s what he’s done.”

Shoot them? I know Welch was not speaking literally but that’s the wrong way to put it.

Cavuto’s theory? "I think they were like rats leaving the Titanic. I don’t think they necessarily were pushed."

Dagen McDowell said, "President Obama needs to find somebody else to blame for this bad economy other than President Bush. I mean, come on, we’re going on 2 years here. He's got to find somebody else to throw under the bus."

Cavuto quipped, "Millard Fillmore is next."

Cavuto acknowledged to Lashinsky that “these kind of things are not uncommon in administrations, especially at this point. What is uncommon, so historians are telling me, is how many at the same time.”

Lashinsky put it in perspective. "It’s not uncommon at all. Sometimes they happen around events like the midterm elections. Sometimes, as Jack pointed out, they happen because another job opens up… This sort of thing happens in every administration, and by the way, Jack, it happens in business. You had executives who left to go because they wanted to be CEO's somewhere else because they weren't going to get a shot at your job or they weren’t going to get a shot at Jeff Immelt’s job."

Cavuto claimed that those who worked under Welch’s tutelage did very well. "I don't know where these (Obama administration) guys go, save for maybe opening a 4H club." (McDowell laughed heartily)

When Lashinsky pointed out that it’s a “very distinguished” group of people, Cavuto shouted in response, “THEY'RE ACADEMICS!" as if that were synonymous with failures or criminals.

Lashinsky went on to compare Obama to Welch’s successor at GE, Jeff Immelt, by saying, “He’s (Immelt) had a really rough go at General Electric in the last many years since you left. I don’t think that’s necessarily because he’s done a bad job.”

Cavuto ran interference. He said Welch “isn’t going to comment on that because he’s above that.” So Cavuto rephrased the question in a more anti-Obama way by asking Welch to give Obama advice. “Talk about inheriting a mess when you came in, you had to send a clear, distinct vision right away you were on top of things. And rarely did I see you doing 20 things at once. I saw this president do 20 things at once.”

Welch said, "Focus on the economy and jobs. …He (Obama) came in with an agenda that wasn't much to do with the economy and jobs… None of the pickup that we want or need because we don't have the policies to support that pickup. There are no policies to support growth."

The banner on the lower third of the screen read, “White House shake-up continues as stimulus architects bolt DC”

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