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Red Eye’s Greg Gutfeld: O’Keefe’s Plot To Seduce And Humiliate CNN Reporter Showed “A Healthy Disdain For Media… I Would Have Done The Same Thing”

Reported by Ellen - October 1, 2010 -

Fox News’ “comedy show,” Red Eye, yukked it up over ACORN “pimp” James O’Keefe’s plan to punk a CNN reporter by seducing her and humiliating her when she showed up to prepare for a documentary on conservative activists. Host Greg Gutfeld said O’Keefe showed “a healthy disdain for media” and even argued that he would have “done the same thing.” Guest Ann Coulter, still being investigated for voter fraud by the State of Connecticut (her second such investigation), whined about “poor little James O’Keefe” being attacked instead of Michael Moore or Stephen Colbert.

You may recall that Gutfeld is the Fox News chickenhawk who last year belittled and made fun of the toll on the Canadian Army fighting in Afghanistan. It’s clear his sense of humor hasn’t changed much. Nor his sense of decency.

Sadly, most of the rest of the panel had a similar outlook.

Gutfeld thought O’Keefe might have just been playing a “clever prank.” "(O'Keefe's argument… was that he believed that, he assumed that CNN was going to portray young conservatives as weird bigots… I would have done the same thing (my emphasis)… You kind of go, like, ‘OK, These people are going to make fun of us, so let’s do something weird.’”

Coulter said, “Right… I don’t know why we all worship Michael Moore and Stephen Colbert and jump down this guy’s throat." Um, maybe because neither Moore nor Colbert ever tried to sexually humiliate someone and secretly record it?

In a later segment, ombudsman Andy Levy told the panel, “Part of O’Keefe’s script called for the prank to end with her in tears begging to be let off the boat. That goes beyond a prank and my guess is, it might well be criminal.”

Coulter objected. “But that didn’t happen!” Coulter has already given us an idea of how much respect for the law she has. Now she has shown how much character she has, too.

Regular Bill Schulz “quipped” that O’Keefe’s notes for the seduction scheme had an “LOL at the end.”

That drew more cackles from Coulter. “Poor little James O’Keefe,” she whined. “I want to see half this much time spend denouncing Stephen Colbert.” She added that she didn’t mind O’Keefe because he “didn’t waste my money” whereas Colbert did.

Red Eye: Classy as ever. (H/T Aria)

Videos below via Mediaite.

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