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Megyn Kelly Uses Father Jonathan Morris To Diss Health Care?

Reported by Priscilla - October 1, 2010 -

Fox News appears to be the only major cable network that employs a Roman Catholic priest as a go to person for a religious take on current events. Father Jonathan Morris is the only clergy who appears regularly on a station that bills itself as “America’s Newsroom.” But “America” is religiously diverse so why doesn’t Fox bring in a rabbi, an Imam, and a mainstream Protestant clergy person, perhaps a female, to show diverse religious perspectives? One assumes that a good chunk of their viewership is evangelical Christian; so it’s strange that they don’t anybody to represent that branch of Christianity. And Morris isn’t just your *average, generic Catholic priest. He’s a Legionary of Christ – “a secretive religious order beloved by Pope John Paul II but now discredited because of revelations that its charismatic founder sexually abused seminarians and fathered at least three children.” Its founder Marciel Maciel “hobnobbed with Mexico's rich and famous, cut lucrative real estate deals and was rumored to travel on occasion with a briefcase full of cash.” But it seems that whenever Fox wants to promote a right wing meme, they drag out the youthful looking Morris. So what’s really the deal? Is Fox trying to bring the Catholic vote back into the Republican fold by having a Catholic priest reinforce whatever conservative meme is being preached? (Morris certainly doesn’t address social justice – which is a tenet of the Catholic Church) If Fox’s demographics skew toward the older viewer, this is probably a great strategy because these folks still believe whatever a guy in a Roman collar says. Megyn Kelly, who asked if Justin Bieber was being “used” by CBS, in a fictional drama, to promote a liberal view, brought out the little padre this week to promote the right wing war against health care reform. I guess father knows best!

***It would appear that Morris left the Legionaries and became "incardinated" into the Archdiocese of NY. Guess he's just a regular priest - cept for his being Murdoch's hired clergy gun - which includes doing catechism for former altar boy, Greg Gutfeld.

Morris, who earlier this year claimed that health care reform would cover abortions , spoke to Kelly about Obama’s recent conference call to religious leaders which encouraged these leaders to promote health care reform to their congregations. The anti-choice community, closely aligned with Fox, is not happy about this because they still believe that abortion will somehow be covered in new health care plans. Interestingly, Kelly's Fox video has the same title as an article by anti-choice crazy, Jill Stanek: “President Obama Seeks Divine Intervention.” Kelly introduced the segment with the same "divine intervention" phrase about health care “which is languishing in the polls.” The irony was rich in her question “do you really want your politics from your priest?” Hmmm, does Megyn know that George W Bush won a second term because Karl Rove organized the religious right to get out the vote for W? Did she have a problem with Catholic and Mormon churches preaching against Prop 8? Did she object to the role of the National Council of Catholic Bishops in crafting the “Stupak Amendment?” Did she have a problem with the religious right promoting Bush’s “abstinence education” initiatives? Even more irony in that the rest of the segment involved politicking from a priest.

Morris said that he didn’t mind the president rallying people around a cause, but found it “shocking” that Obama, who initially came down on the “ACLU” side of separation of church and state (Ah, that evil ACLU!) was now asking the clergy to help him. Morris provided another Christian (and Fox) talking point about how Obama hasn’t even chosen a church. Knowing what the answer would be, Kelly asked Morris how he felt “as a Catholic priest telling you that you need to be a validator for a piece of legislation that is very controversial.” Morris said that the legislation is “morally and ethically flawed” (right, Father, it’s immoral to extend health care to those who don’t have it.) Morris then claimed that money “would be going to abortion unless they stop it.” I’d hate to think that a priest would tell a lie so I’ll assume that Morris is misinformed because abortion isn’t being covered and that is why women’s groups are livid. Morris, who obviously has health care courtesy of his wealthy order, asked if we can afford health care. Kelly read an article from Bush’s faith “czar,” Jim Towey, in which he said that Bush would have fired him if he had politicized his office. ROFLMAO!!!!!! Towey’s office and Towey himself actively promoted GOP candidates. Former faith based staffer, David Kuo, wrote all about it. Morris said he didn’t have a problem with the president speaking out on moral issues; but he has a problem with health care reform. He again asked about the affordability and whether it would get rid of competition. He promoted another right wing myth when he asked if we would be like countries that had universal coverage that is terrible. Morris is obviously unfamiliar with studies that show that US health care sucks, in comparison to European countries.

Comment: So Morris came through, again, for the requisite propaganda message. Is he being used by Fox? Is the Pope Catholic?

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