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Sean Hannity Throws Stones At “Deceptive Editing” In Grayson Ad From His Glass House of Cherry Picked Quotes

Reported by Ellen - September 30, 2010 -

Whether or not you agree that Rep. Alan Grayson’s “Taliban Dan” ad was accurate or misleading (I like Sarah Posner’s nuanced take in Religious Dispatches), it’s laughable for Sean Hannity to be complaining about anyone else’s deceptive editing. If I were to list all the times Hannity has distorted or misrepresented what a Democrat has said, I’d probably be at it all day. In fact, Hannity did the same kind of cherry picking he was complaining about from Grayson in the very same show with regard to a statement from Sen. Patty Murray.

In an interview last night (9/29/10) with former Congressman J.C. Watts, Hannity was full of outrage as he called Grayson’s ad “one of the most deceptive campaign ads I’ve ever seen in my life. By the way, and that’s saying something… I almost think there’s a libel against him for that, that campaign ad, it’s so dishonest.”

We can’t judge what constitutes libel or what deceptive campaign ads Hannity has seen but we do know very, very well what kind of deceptions Hannity has perpetrated.

Earlier this month, Hannity deceptively edited a clip from an Obama speech, saying, "Taxes are scheduled to go up substantially next year. For everybody." What Hannity didn’t tell his viewers is that Obama was talking about how Republicans scheduled that tax increase and how he wanted to avoid it for the middle class.

Hannity deceptively quotes the so-called Ground Zero Mosque imam as saying he wants America to be "more sharia compliant" and that America was an accessory to 9/11.

Last year, Hannity claimed Obama said insurance executives are bad people, even though Hannity's own video clip showed otherwise.

In 2007, Hannity was so eager to denigrate Speaker Nancy Pelosi as wasteful with taxpayer funds, he left out pertinent information about her use of a military jet for her travel.

In April, Hannity misrepresented Arizona’s new immigration law at the same time that he attacked President Obama for misrepresenting the law – even though Obama got it right.

Hannity wrongly claimed that The National Council of La Raza advocates for Mexico to reclaim southwestern states.

Hannity wrongly claimed President Obama had promised to eliminate earmarks when, in fact, Obama had promised to reform the earmark process and cut wasteful spending.

As Media Matters noted, right in that very show, in an earlier segment, Hannity cherry picked a quote of Sen. Patty Murray, who just happens to be in a tough re-election battle, to make it seem as though she was a fan of Osama bin Laden


Watts told Hannity, “My mother would send me to bed with no dinner if I did something like that (Grayson ad).”

Hannity chuckled heartily and added, “I think I’d get a lot worse.”

Paging Mrs. Hannity!

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