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Martha MacCallum Uses GOP Video To Promote “Assault” On GOP Staffer By “Strickland Supporter”

Reported by Priscilla - September 30, 2010 -

The “news” show, “America’s Newsroom,” knows that as “America’s Newsroom,” it has a responsibility to promote what’s hot on America’s blogs – that is America’s right wing blogs. Today, if you google “Strickland” and “coffee,” you’ll come up with a plethora of right wing sites that have a video which purportedly shows a “violent” librul deliberately spilling tea down the back of a Republican staffer (and Iraq Vet) who was filming Democratic Governor Ted Strickland at a Strickland campaign event. The sites urge anybody who knows the identity of the alleged coffee attacker to contact the local sheriff’s office. Always willing to do anything to protect America’s GOP, Martha MacCallum and Trace Gallagher picked up this hot right wing blog story which has echoes of the meme of evil libruls spitting on returning Vietnam vets myth - as the recipient of the spilled coffee is an Iraq vet. The title of the Fox video is “Iraq Vet Reportedly Assaulted at Strickland Event” – a story that MacCallum says is “getting a lot of attention” although I can’t find any coverage other than stuff on Weasel Zippers et al. Nice to know that Fox is on the side of “law and order.” Wonder if “America’s Newsroom” would be as concerned about a Democratic candidate getting the same treatment! Isn’t it special that this “attack” was allegedly made by an opponent of Fox host emeritus, John Kasich who is running, on the GOP ticket, for Ohio Governor? Isn’t it special that Fox is reinforcing right wing sites which are claiming that the coffee assaulter is a Strickland supporter when no arrests have been made? And isn’t it special that Fox “News” would use a video done by the Ohio GOP? And isn't it true that “America’s Newsroom” is part of Fox News "fair & balanced" news programming?

MacCallum, on yesterday’s “America’s Newsroom,” used the “Iraq vet” meme to start her report. Of course, the fact that the dude was a veteran was probably not part of the coffee spiller’s MO – but hey, this kind of lede really gets those librul hating patriots standing at attention. The chyron reinforced the agitprop: “Iraq Vet Reportedly Assaulted At Strickland Campaign Event.” She stated that the veteran was “doused with hot coffee.” She tossed to Trace Gallagher who provided the name of the “Iraq veteran.” Gallagher then played a You Tube video that seemed a bit partisan as it actually had subtitles which “explained” what was happening – a video which began with the fact that the recipient of the coffee is an Iraq vet. While it isn’t clear what happened (“doused?"), the video claims that “Strickland Supporter Pours Full Cup of Hot Coffee Down His Back.” I don’t think that this is good “prima facie” evidence; but hey, if it’s shown on Fox, it must be true! After Coffeeman was heard to apologize to the “vet,” Gallagher interjected that it didn’t seem sincere. And “Strickland Supporter” – could be a local crazy or a GOP “ringer;” but hey, if it’s shown on Fox, it must be true! The video showed the “coffee spiller” saluting the camera person with his middle finger. Gallagher said the police want to know who coffeeman is and requested folks to contact the police if they know who allegedly assaulted this “Iraq veteran.” Gallagher assured us that the veteran is fine, “after having hot coffee poured down his back.” Martha said that the coffeeman’s face was very clear, on the video, and "somebody out there knows that man…and hopefully, they’ll fess up so the police can talk to him."

What Gallagher didn’t show was the end of the video, “9-25 Coffee Assault," which has this written at the bottom of the screen: “Paid for by the Ohio Republican Party www.ohiogop.org. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.

Comment: While ostensibly, in putting out the APB, Fox was doing a “community service,” they were really promoting a meme, based on a shaky video, that libruls (specifically a “Strickland supporter”) are just so violent. Strickland’s opponent is an old Fox hand so I guess Fox has his back. Slick agitprop – ya think!

Video used by "America's Newsroom"



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