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Fox News Keeps On Questioning Obama’s “Claim To Christianity”

Reported by Ellen - September 30, 2010 -

We may have freedom of religion in this country but if you’re a Democratic President of the United States, especially an African American president with a restive right wing population accusing you of being a Muslim, you can count on “Great American” Sean Hannity to attack your religion at nearly every turn. You can also count on Fox News getting your back. Don't tell me they don't know who they're speaking to.

On Hannity last night (9/29/10) Hannity not only suggested the only reason President Obama went to church recently was to combat the rumors he’s not a genuine Christian, Hannity even turned to an old favorite smear, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. As back up, Hannity’s sole guest was sanctimonious sourpuss Michelle Malkin, always a reliable voice of anger. On behalf of Christianity, of course. And in concert with the meme, Fox News producers helpfully called their video of the segment,Obama’s claim to Christianity Questioned.

How much longer do we have to hear about our president’s religion? What’s next – he eats like a Muslim? God forbid he doesn’t like pork.

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