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Steve Doocy Promotes Opposition To MT “Sex Ed” From School Board Member’s Wife, Mikal Wilkerson

Reported by Priscilla - September 29, 2010 -

What should be a local issue, has, thanks to Fox & Friends, turned into a national one. Fox & Friends is a mouthpiece for today’s anti-science right wing, so it’s not surprising that the stalwart guardians of public morality, on Fox & Friends, would support those who oppose science based sex ed which is a small part of the health curriculum for Helena Montana. Fox & Friends has provided lots of air time for the opponents, including Dr. Miriam Grossman, who is a chastity advocate. But in an effort to be “fair & balanced” Gretchen Carlson, last week, did interview the Helena Superintendent in an interview that was clearly meant to provide even more reinforcement for those who don’t want their kids exposed to things like proper names for body parts. At the beginning of Gretch’s interview with the Superintendent, she set the theme with a brief interview of an unnamed woman who said that she was concerned that the proposed revisions to the “controversial” curriculum, which Gretch told us “had parents in an uproar,” weren’t going far enough. She has appeared on Hannity’s show where she complained about the body part thing and erotic images in art. Mikal Wilkerson, with the same complaint, appeared on today’s Fox & Friends where she was interviewed about last night’s curriculum hearing by Steve Doocy. And she’s not just some ordinary parent with “concerns.” According to local right wing radio host, “the Hatchet Man,” she’s “leading the crusade against the curriculum.” Not mentioned by Doocy is that Wilkerson is the wife of a school board member, Trevor Wilkerson, who has opposed the curriculum from day one. And interestingly, chastity advocate, Dr. Miriam Grossman, gave a presentation in Helena sponsored by Mikal Wilkerson’s group “Helena Youth Advocates” and promoted by the local Tea Party. So surprise, surprise, she’s back for her third Fox interview with Steve Doocy, who sent his kids to Catholic schools where there is no sex education and certainly no sex. ;)

Steve set the stage by saying that Fox & Friends has been following the story closely. He repeated the agitprop statement that is a part of every Fox & Friend segment on this topic – that (gasp) Helena planned on teaching sex ed to students as young as five. Of course, he didn’t say that the five year olds were being taught, by a school nurse, the names of body parts. (Can’t have kids saying vagina rather than “cootchie” can we!) The background photo seemed to be a church steeple. He said that the curriculum was revised due to “public outcry;” but many parents are still opposed. He introduced his guest, the unnamed woman from Gretch’s interview who now has a name Mikal Wilkerson. In response to Doocy’s question about what, in the curriculum, she objected to, she said that she was against the “young ages” and “explicit material” being presented such as teaching about types of sexual intercourse, including contraception and “dental dams”, to 5th graders. Steve, who obviously isn’t sure about dental dams, said “hmmm.” He asked about last night’s school board meeting and whether there was compromise. Although noting was decided, Wilkerson, said that she has a “good feeling” about the final vote because of the number of people attending. The side graphic was sure to get the righteous juices of F&F’s anti-choice audience flowing – “Planned Parenthood and NARAL Handed Out Pamphlets.” One wonders if the religious right and “values” crowd were handing out pamphlets, too; but I digress! The side graphic then posted a local radio poll that said 89% opposed to sex ed. (Now that’s scientific, a poll by an unidentified radio station. Is it the one where “The Hatchet Man” is employed?!) Doocy blithered that “some of these things they were gonna teach starting with kindergarten, first grade sumpin like that, uh no longer, hear hmm names for private parts, real little kids they will use medical terms” and asked Wilkerson if she was OK with that. What Doocy was trying to say is that there was an agreement that the curriculum guidelines would eliminate the biological terms and replace it with "use medical terminology when referring to all body parts." Wilkerson, not suprisingly isn’t, because medical terms are those bad names that she and her pals object to. The side graphic was a lie: “Plan Will Now Focus On Abstinence Based Teaching.” The curriculum will not “focus” on abstinence. It will, however, have more “consistently presented information about abstinence” as the only 100% effective way to prevent AIDS. Doocy referenced how, in first grade, they won’t address same sex relationships. Wilkerson doesn't believe that because “they will talk about how family structure is different.” While she feels that this discussion is important she asks if they’ll talk about "same gender.” (Memo to Mikal – some kids do have same sex parents) To Doocy’s question of how she would like them to address that, she wants it left up to the teachers who shouldn’t “teach it;” but handle it with sensitivity if the question arises. Before the final vote, Wilkerson wants it sent back to committee that includes parents and not just educators.

Comment: Can’t have kids being exposed to dirty sex and you can’t have the Fox & Friends audience being exposed to all sides of the issue.While there are many parents, educators, and social service workers who support the revised plan, you won’t hear them on Fox & Friends whose bias on this issue couldn’t be clearer. But here’s a question. Does Mikal Wilkerson’s campaign against the curriculum, on national TV, compromise “Trustee” Trevor Wilkerson’s position. One thing is clear, Mikal Wilkerson has a crusade and Fox "News" is there to help her fight it!

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