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Glenn Beck Says He Prays For Obama’s Safety – So That His Radical, Marxist Friends Don’t Take Over The Country

Reported by Ellen - September 29, 2010 -

Glenn Beck was in a frenzy yesterday (9/28/10) over the Radical! Socialist! Marxist! One Nation Working Together demonstrators on their way to Washington D.C. Saturday. Although the stated purpose of the demonstration is to “demand the changes we voted for,” Beck knows better! Just look at who’s involved! His entire collection of chalkboard magnets! So there can be no doubt that the real purpose of the march is to take over the country. Maybe with or maybe in spite of President Obama, Beck couldn’t be sure. What he did know is that these are the same Radical! Socialist! Marxist! associates of Obama that Beck has been warning us about. But this time, the danger of Radical! Marxist! Socialism! is really at hand.

As Glynnis MacNicol, at Mediaite noted, Beck has been on a tear against this rally along with Jon Stewart’s Rally To Restore Sanity and Stephen Colbert’s satiric Keep Fear Alive rally. She wrote, "For no apparent reason Glenn Beck is completely unraveling over the fact other people are having rallies on the National Mall. How else to explain (his) frenzied chalkboard performance during which Beck explained (with the help of about a gazillion magnets) that, while he is a supporter of free speech, everyone else throwing a rally this month is a secret socialist communist. I mean jeez. Calm down dude. Watching this segment felt a little bit like accidentally stepping in on Beck secretly performing J. Edgar Hoover, The Paranoid Years… Beck doesn’t say so, but presumably if you attend… socialists will also be hiding under your hotel bed."

After amassing his sea of magnetic Radical! Socialist! Marxist! faces on his chalkboard, Beck began using them to tarnish President Obama. Never mind that Obama has no apparent role in any of the upcoming rallies. When you’ve got Radicals! Socialists! Marxists! on their way to D.C., if the president doesn’t denounce them, he must be supporting them! Or maybe Obama is in grave danger. Just enough danger for Beck to make himself look good by announcing that he prays for our president.

"Please, America, I beg of you, get down on your knees and you pray – not only for this country, for the republic, but you pray – quite honestly – for the safety of this president. You can say whatever you want about me but my family and I, we pray every single night for the safety of this president. I have met Secret Service agents that work at the White House. I have begged them: you keep this man safe. Why? Why have I believed that this president is in danger? Look at who he has cobbled together!"

Beck gesticulated wildly at the chalkboard before continuing, “These people are not fooling around! Read their own words! They’re not fooling around!”

But having established his righteous Christian citizen cred, Beck immediately turned to accusing the president of being in cahoots with those dangerous demonstrators because he’s a secret Marxist! Socialist! Radical! It’s only thanks to the amazing powers and good will of good citizen Beck that we can know this, of course.

"What are you (Obama) going to say to these people on Saturday? You can pretend for a while. But if you are not a radical, socialist, Marxist, communist, somebody who wants a revolution in America, if you are not a radical revolutionary, then you’ve been leading some of the most dangerous people in our country on. The coming insurrection! Our president is in trouble. And if he is not in trouble - ‘Cause he’s lying to either them or to us. If he’s lying to them, he’s in trouble. If he’s lying to us, we’re in trouble. You can call it wishido (sp?), you can call it yaya… you can call it a big, heaping pile of poo-poo but it’s still the same thing. It’s communism. It is evil. George Soros has been at this game with these people for a very long time. This is not about the president of the United States. They have been going after our children, under our nose for a very long time. Gang, they are this close to winning. This close to winning."

So are these Radicals! Marxists! Socialists! planning to knock off our president in order to finally “win?” Or is Obama just keeping them at enough arms’ length because he wants to be in charge of the Radical! Marxist! Socialist! agenda? If Beck explained, I missed it.

As the segment wound down, Beck once again pulled out his good Christian citizen cred. “God is the only one, only one that can solve this problem… We will not conquer this alone. We won’t make it alone. But we can do certain things…”

Was there ever a better poster child than Glenn Beck for that old warning that when facism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the American flag and carrying a cross?

Please feel free to contact Beck at me@glennbeck.com or the show at glennbeck@foxnews.com.

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