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Dick Morris Credits Hannity Show Viewers For Upcoming (Supposed) Defeat Of Harry Reid

Reported by Ellen - September 29, 2010 -

In between plugs for his website, his PAC and his movie, Dick Morris crowed on Hannity last night (9/27/10) about what he sees as a Republican tsunami on the way. Morris didn’t just predict that Sen. Harry Reid would be defeated, he guaranteed it. Given Morris’ record, I just got a lot more hopeful Reid will win. “One of the big reasons” for Reid’s defeat, Morris said, “is the support that your viewers have given (Morris recited the name of yet another PAC websites) that’s been funding that race.” Color me crazy but what kind of “fair and balanced” news network allows not only this kind of electioneering but boasts about it? Fox News.

Morris also told Sean Hannity, “We are talking not about a cyclical change, we are talking about the obliteration of an entire generation of Democratic congressmen.”

Not even Hannity seemed to believe it.

The discussion about Reid starts at about the 5:40 mark in the video below.

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