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Megyn Kelly Channels Breitbart & “Freepers” - Asks If Justin Bieber “Used” By CBS To Insult Tea Party

Reported by Priscilla - September 28, 2010 -

The right wing loves to say how blacks and Muslims love to whine about perceived slights – yet it seems like there ain’t no whiner like a right wing whiner – as shown by the constant parade of persecuted Christians on Fox News. But the newest right wing whining demographic is, obviously, represented by teabaggers who are just so freakin sensitive that they are accusing CBS of using Justin Bieber’s character, in a TV drama, to insult the Tea Party. At least that’s what Fox “News” anchor, Megyn Kelly, asked during today’s “America Live.” Memo to Megyn and the teabaggers – TV dramas are fictional and not under any obligation to be “fair & balanced” – like Fox “News!” But hey, if Andrew Breitbart and the America loving gang at “Free Republic” say it, it must be true!

Megyn began by asking of CBS “used teen heartthrob Justin Bieber to take an ugly swing at the Tea Party just five weeks ahead of the mid term election? That’s the question being raised today following this week’s season premier of the popular show, CSI.” She described Bieber’s role as a young domestic terrorist attending right wing political events and planning a bombing.” (Hmmm, sounds like “pro-life” zealot, Eric Rudolph). She showed a clip of the show in which Bieber listens to a speech about the evils of big corporations and banks – a speech that doesn’t sound very tea bag because the teabaggers love corporations and hate Obama, socialism, abortion, Muslims, immigrants etc! She introduced her guests Lars Larsen and Leslie Marshall. She said, with joking intensity, that “Bieber may have been used by CBS to make a point that anti Tea Party” and read a description from the (evil, librul) NY Times of Bieber playing a “domestic terrorist with Tea Party leanings even though the episode made no direct reference to the Tea Party.” Kelly said that “it was clear” that the show was referring to an “exaggerated version of anti-government types.” She asked Lars if this “was out of line.” He went into the perfunctory right wing rant about Hollywood scriptwriters demonizing good conservatives who are, as he described them, “average Americans.” Larsen said that the fictional rally speaker could have been channeling Obama with “all that corporation bashing.” He commented that “it’s absurd” to think that teabaggers would ever train anybody to do anything bad. It was a spit out the coffee moment when Megyn claimed that “already people are saying that this is propaganda.” (Oh, the irony) Kelly didn’t identify these “people” but according to Tucker Carlson’s "Daily Caller," they appear to be Andrew Breitbart and “Freepers.” Marshall, who has appeared on NYPD Blue, said that Bieber had his script way in advance and if he was being used, it was for ratings. Kelly played more clips and asked Larsen if this represented a core of Tea Party beliefs to which Larsen said that this was a “cartoonish” view. Being a good right wing Islamophobe, Larsen said that if they wanted ratings, CBS should have done a plot surrounding a Muslim jihadi. Marshall said that this is a popular plot line. Larsen responded that Hollywood “is afraid of defaming Muslims.” Larsen smiled when Kelly cited Breitbart’s allegation that this is “subliminal propagandist messages” and asked Marshall to comment. Marshall responded that this is typical of TV dramas.

Comment: If CBS had done a show about 60’s campus radicals with a black character that resembled Barack Obama, do ya think that Breitbart and the “freepers” would have objected?! But CBS insulted teabaggers and Fox, the ultimate source for teabaggers, has their back.

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