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Fox & Friends Shill For McDonalds Happy Meals

Reported by Priscilla - September 28, 2010 -

As part of their anti-intellectual, anti-science, and “faith based” world view, today’s right wing is fighting the evil libruls who advocate for better nutrition for our chubby children. The narrative being developed, that any attempt to develop nutritional standards, is part of a freedom stealing nanny state that seeks to take away the God given right to stuff Crispy Cremes and other fatty, sugary stuff down the gullets of the Americans for whom, seemingly, widening girths are a sign of God’s bounty bestowed on patriotic Americans. Amanda Marcotte, of Pandagon, has a great piece about how the culture war is manifested in eating habits which pit the French fry loving “us” against the "elitist" vegetable eating “them.” She cites how Glenn Beck, in his rants about never taking his French fries away, is feeding (pun intended) the narrative of using food as a way to “piss off the liberals.” A San Francisco Supervisor is proposing legislation that would ban “incentive items” used to promote sales of food that contain excess calories, sodium, or fat. As that includes McDonalds “Happy Meals,” “real Americans” are upset and because Fox “News” is the place for “real” Americans, it’s clearly in McDonalds corner. Mike Huckabee supports “Happy Meals.” Fox & Friends was able to defend McDonalds and promote the slippery slope “nanny state meme” in today’s interview with a McDonalds spokesperson during which we were given the answer to the question of what makes Peter Doocy tick. According to his proud dad, he grew up on Happy Meals. Nuff said.

Steve Doocy reported that San Francisco “officials” want to get rid of “toys in kids meals because” (he exaggerated the next words) “it’s making kids fat.” (No shit, Sherlock). Fact Check – it’s one country supervisor. SF Mayor Gavin Newsome, Fox’s Kimberly Guilfoyle’s ex, said he would veto any such legislation if it passed. Doocy then giggled as he said “I’m not kidding.” He went into full mockery when he described, in an exaggerated voice, how “residents spoke out about it” at last night’s hearing. The film clip was of a woman who said that the youth in her community were getting diet related disease (now that’s funny) “like hypertension and diabetes at younger and younger ages” (oh, stop, I’m laughing so hard). Doocy, with a big grin, said uhumm. Acting somewhat more professional, Gretchen Carlson (does her nanny feed the kids junk food?) asked if getting rid of the toys is a way to curb childhood obesity. She introduced her guest, Karen Wells, vice president of nutrition and menu strategy for McDonalds. Carlson engaged in what I am now patenting as the Fox & Friends Tell – the host seems to be summarizing what the guest says; but in reality the summary (or “Tell”) is the message of the day. It doesn’t matter if the guest doesn’t expand on that or even allude to it. The important thing is the message. See if you can find Gretch’s “tell:” “I know you have a lot to say about this subject; but number one, the most important thing is that you believe that if the city can tell people, McDonald’s, that you can’t put toys in kids Happy Meals, what could possibly be next, right?” Wells didn’t respond to the tell; but, rather, said that McDonalds “believes that the ordinance is well intentioned” as it related to childhood obesity. She said that McDonalds is committed to being part of the solution. She said that what a child eats is the parent’s responsibility and that the foundation for this legislation isn’t clear as it relates to the proposed requirement that kids have a fruit and vegetable in the same meal. Doocy said “sure” and “essentially, they’re saying that Happy Meals make kids fat” (D’uuhh) He described how his three kids grew up on Happy Meals and kids don’t order the meals for the toys, they order them for the French fries, "just like the rest of us.” (Yeah, Gretch loves to pig out on fries, right.) Doocy, loudly, agreed with Wells said that a toy is “part of the experience” and that there is no evidence to support a link between a toy and obesity. Gretch said that even if there is a link (her son loves the toy) “it’s still the parent’s responsibility” to get apple slices if fries are a problem. Wells talked about what are considered “healthy” options on the McDonalds menu.

Comment: While Ms. Wells presented reasoned commentary, the French fry loving “friends” articulated more of the right wing agitprop that any attempt to curtail real America’s cuisine, is part of a creeping socialist nanny state. (Creeping Sharia would, nutritionally, be better because Middle Eastern food is healthier than American!) Move over Ronald McDonald cuz there are three more hamburger clowns in town!!

What wasn't mentioned in the discussion: Part of the proposal is that toys could be included with meals if the meals meet nutriotional standards including the inclusion of fruit. Amendments, to address concerns of the fast food industry, were also offered.

Future Fox Fan


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