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Megyn Kelly Sources From Former Gay Porn Star Now Writing For Fox News Website?

Reported by Priscilla - September 27, 2010 -

Fox “News” must be desperate for right wing outrage. Today, Megyn Kelly presented an entire segment about the "vandalism" of a US ship that was sunk by the Japanese during WWII. No, it wasn’t gang banger graffiti or socialist peace signs painted on the hull of this ship; but, rather, it was the theft of the “builders plaque” from a ship that now is resting on the floor of the Pacific Ocean. And in presenting this “outrage,” Megyn Kelly and Trace Gallagher took, almost word for word, their information from a Fox News website article that is titled “Vandalism of USS Emmons Sparks Outrage.” According to the author of the article, Matt Sanchez, this plaque is the “birth certificate” of the ship. Hmm, Matt Sanchez. That name sounds familiar. Could this be the Matt Sanchez, a former Marine and darling of the right wing who, as an embedded journalist during the beginning of the Iraq War, provided reports for the right wing World Net Daily and Fox News? Could this be the Matt Sanchez who whined about the military being harassed at Columbia University? Could this be the Matt Sanchez who won the Jeanne Kirkpatrick Award at the 2007 CPAC - the same CPAC at which Ann Coulter said that John Edwards was a "fag?" Could this be the same Matt Sanchez who was a former male prostitute and gay male porn star? If so, perhaps he should save his outrage for a military policy that would deny gay members of the military the right to serve openly. Nah, fomenting faux right wing "outrage" is much more fun. But nice to know that the Murdoch media empire is so open to those whose life style “choices” are so reviled by those who control and those who watch Fox “News.” Oh wait, Sanchez is a right winger and he works hard for his money....