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A History Professor Responds To Our Posts About Texas Textbooks

Reported by Ellen - September 27, 2010 -

We received an interesting email from a Texas history professor in response to Priscilla's posts about the trumped up controversy over supposedly preferential treatment of Islam over Christianity in Texas textbooks.

I greatly enjoyed reading your work exposing the craziness surrounding the Fox promotion of the Christian/Islam fake controversy surrounding Texas textbooks.

As a history professor I constantly struggle with the fact that historians are the only professionals that are told by others, untrained in the profession, how they should teach or study their craft.

The obvious fact is that the board members... in Texas like (State Board of Ed member Cynthia) Dunbar, simply don't like the fact that Muslims are mentioned in a favorable light. Any serious historian knows that there is no bias in history books that emphasize Muslims. In my experience the bias is the other way. Most students that I teach here have no clue about the contributions Muslims have made to knowledge, science, history, or culture.

It is my hope that by exposing this drivel we can begin to work towards a day when the Texas State Board of Education is an appointed group of experts trained in their field instead of a bunch of elected idiots whose knowledge of history doesn't go much further than the average lay person.

We do a disservice to our students by holding their curriculum hostage to electoral politics.

Keep up the great work!