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Fox News Panel Paints Obama And Unions As “Very, Very Dangerous” Dictators And Mafiosos For Trying To Stop Foreclosures

Reported by Ellen - September 26, 2010 -

Co-authored by Brian

Panelists on Cavuto on Business didn’t just oppose a moratorium on home foreclosures, they accused the United Autoworkers of being in cahoots with President Obama to subvert the Constitution and bring about a “Juan Peron” style dictatorship - all because the union has threatened to pull its money out of JPMorgan Chase accounts if it doesn't stop foreclosing. Oh, and host Charles Payne also “joked” that, as in the Godfather, someone would wake up with a horse head next to him. Panelist Adam Lashinsky did a terrific job as the lone voice of opposition and he didn't just debate but challenged the premise and the rhetoric.

Substitute host Payne opened the show yesterday (9/25/10) by saying, "Fox on top of union strong-arming going over the top." After explaining what the union wants, Payne added, "Hmmmm, keeping people in homes they can't afford, isn’t that what got us into this mess in the first place?" If you're an auto worker or, God forbid, union member, yes. If you're Delaware’s newly minted and nearly foreclosed-upon GOP senate nominee, Christine O'Donnell, you're just one of the folks.

Payne asked regular Ben Stein, "Ben, the tactics seem to be getting stronger and tougher every single week, what’s up with that?"

A lower-third banner read, “union strong-arming bank to freeze foreclosures”

Stein said, "There was a dictator in Argentina many years ago named Juan Peron, and he had a system of controlling the country called Peronism, which basically was dictatorial; but I don't want to say Obama's governing dictatorial, but a strong-arming government, along with unions that control the rest of the country. What we're seeing here is kind of the beginning of Peronism, in which the government works with the unions to try to circumvent the law of contract, which is by the way, circumventing the Constitution, and try to control the country by sheer force of numbers, and force of fear, and it's a very, very dangerous situation." Good of Stein to clarify that he doesn't want to say Obama's governing dictatorially.

Payne agreed, "It is a dangerous situation."

Dagen MacDowell gave her “kudos” to JPMorgan Chase for standing up to "this extortion tactic.” She blamed the Michigan economy on the unions for putting “the auto business on the rocks, into bankruptcy and added, “Let the unions pay the mortgages."

Adam Lashinsky sounded really PO'd - and rightly so. “Given how this conversation has gone so far… I’m surprised you want to have a business conversation (do they ever, Adam?). I’m certainly not going to get into demonizing unions which I think is irresponsible or demonizing banks which doesn’t make any more sense. Charles, money talks. The unions are in control of some hundreds of millions of dollars of deposits in this case.” Scornful at MacDowell’s use of the word “extortion,” Lashinsky continued, “Extortion goes on every single day on Wall Street, if you want to use that word. I’ve got the money, if you want it, do what I want you to do. There’s nothing more than that going on here.” Lashinsky is right. It’s funny how you never see anyone on Fox’s “business block” accuse Wal-Mart of extortion. Lashinsky also challenged Stein’s comparison of Obama to Peron.

Host Payne jumped in to suggest that the unions were “doing the bidding for the White House which lends a lot of credibility to what Ben was saying.”

After another guest accused unions of “causing the collapse of the American auto industry,” Lashinsky countered, “Maybe martians are going to land in Detroit next week but I don’t think so.”

Stein added, “The UAW is essentially part of the government at this point… (it) has enormous control over everything they touch.”

Payne ended the segment by “joking,” “All I can tell you is I bet someone wakes up with a horse’s head next to him. But it won’t be you, Adam. It won’t be you.”

Our video below is missing the beginning. That can be seen in Media Matters’ partial video of the segment.

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