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Misleading Islam Baiting Fox Nation Headline: “Texas Limits Islam In Textboks”

Reported by Priscilla - September 25, 2010 -

In yet another example of the how Fox Nation hate site seeks to foment hatred of those groups not deemed acceptable by the radical right (particularly Muslims), they had in their “Culture” (should be “culture war” section) the headline “Texas Limits Islam In Textbooks.” The Fox Nation article links to an AP article which reports that the resolution, which according to uber right wing Texas SBOE member Cynthia Dunbar “threatens” textbook publishers to include less Islam and more Christianity, is non binding because “future boards that will choose the state's next generation of social studies texts will not be bound by the resolution.” Texas Education Agency general counsel, David Anderson, is quoted as saying that "This is an expression of the board's opinion, so it does not have an effect on any particular textbook.” ERGO – there has been no limitation of Islam in Texas textbooks. The texts cited in the resolution aren’t even being used. Naturally, the comment section was full of the usual base bigotry that the nice patriotic American Christians of Fox Nation love to spew. Fox Nation knows its demographics quite well. One wonders if those who commit mosque vandalism read Fox Nation.One also wonders if “God” would really want to “bless” this Islamophobic America that Fox nation panders to.

Check out the placement of the articles. Got propaganda!




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