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Got Islamophobia? Fox News Website Cites Biased Media Critic Claiming Islam Criticism “New Front In PC War”

Reported by Priscilla - September 25, 2010 -

Not only does the right wing think Muslims are oversensitive; but they’re now creating a new Islamophobic narrative that suggests that evil libruls are trying to silence those who criticize Islam. Fox’s Joshua Rhett Miller, whose many Islam related reports are listed in the Islamophobic “Islamist Watch,” writes, on the Fox News website, that a “media analyst” claims that “the mere act of criticizing Islam has become an act of politically incorrect hate speech.” This “media analyst” cited by Miller, is none other than one of Brent Bozell’s boys, Dan Gainor, from the uber right wing “Media Research Institute.” But it’s not surprising that Miller, who titled one of his articles about Rifqa Bary, “Court Expected to Send Runaway Teen Home Despite Muslim Honor Killing Fears” (all unfounded by the courts, btw), would source Gainor. In July, Gainor appeared on Fox & Friends where he and Steve Doocy decried media “silence” on the Department of Justice partisan hack (whoops whistle blower) who exposed that nasty black on white racism, involving the New Black Panthers, for which Fox “News” provided not so “fair & balanced” coverage. It’s funny. Gainor also writes for Bozell’s “Newsbusters,” a site where any liberal comment in any part of the media (including comedy shows like Bill Maher’s) is called out. One of their chief complaints is that the evil, librul media doesn’t identify if their source is liberal. Funny, Miller doesn’t mention that Gainor is a right wing partisan. It’s not only Fox TV that provides a platform for Islamophobia, it’s the website, too. But an essential part of propaganda is that it is reinforced and Fox is doing its best to reinforce the hatred and further divide an already divided America. Oh, and did I forget to mention that this article is a second tier lede?

Miller began his article, about how those who criticize Islam are being unfairly maligned, by quoting Gainor: "We're living in a 'here and now' where no one's allowed to say anything bad about Islam, it seems.” (WTF? Fox “News” coverage of the Park 51 “controversy” has been all about criticizing Islam. Fox hosts have provided support and affirmation for folks like Debra Burlingame, Frank Gaffney, and others whose criticism of Islam is hardly being muzzled). It might be worth mentioning that Gainor has a problem with teh gay. In an interview on CNN, about gay parenting, he voiced concern that Hollywood is trying to “normalize” homosexuality. Miller then continued with Gainor’s concern that Marty Peretz, editor in chief of the “New Republic” has “come under attack” for a blog post in which Peretz said that Muslims consider Muslim life to be cheap and then questioned whether Muslims deserve First Amendment protections. (Can you imagine the outrage of the right wing if some liberal said that about Christians!) But poor Peretz, who apologized, has been attacked by Harvard students, who (the indignity of it all!) wrote a letter to the Harvard president protesting Peretz’s upcoming appearance. Gainor claims this prosecution has “gotten out of hand.” The article continues with Gainor’s whine that the media didn’t cover the case of a NJ Transit Authority worker who lost his job because his burning of a Koran violated the Authority’s ethics rules. Gainor contends that the press ignored that incident; but if a bible had been burned, the press would be all over it. (And if the press didn’t cover a bible burning, Gainor would accuse them of ignoring offenses to Christians, I dare say!) Conveniently ignoring the 24 and 7 coverage (by the librul media and not Fox) of the Florida pastor, who threatened to burn a Koran, Gainor referenced just the threats resulting from the pastor’s statements. Miller did quote Media Matters’ Ari Ravin-Havt who stated that if the media were as “PC” as Gainor claims, folks like Pam Geller wouldn’t be given the publicity that they have gotten from the press. He also commented that while Peretz has the right to say what he did, others have the right to protest it. Miller then ended with another quote from Gainor: "The media is making it seem like Americans are the ones who are wrong and backwards, but it's the reaction that's wrong and backward.”

Comment: OK. I get the Fox messages. Muslims overreact to anti-Islamic hate speech and the evil, librul press are aiding and abetting by making criticism of Muslims off limits. And those who oppose hate speech oppose the First Amendment. Okaaay…. Oh, and did I forget to mention that Gainor, on his Twitter, offered $100 to the first congressional rep to punch Democratic Rep. Alan Grayson in the nose. Hmm, I don’t think the First Amendment protects somebody who solicts a “contract hit.” But let us give thanks to Fox News who, in not succumbing to “PC,” provide Americans with their daily dose of Islamophobia.


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