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Steve Doocy Validates Far Right Wing Texan Claiming Christianity Dissed In Texas Texts

Reported by Priscilla - September 24, 2010 -

I knew it. When I saw the secondary Fox website lede, yesterday, about how the usual cast of historically challenged Texas Christian zealots, is promoting a resolution to force equal treatment of Islam and Christians, I knew that the good Christians on Fox & Friends would be totally on board. And I was right! This morning, good Christian Steve Doocy (who linked Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s comment about 9-11 being an “inside job” to the proposed Islamic cultural center near “Ground Zero”) brought us more agitprop from the show that brought us the whacky professor Larry Schweikart's agitprop about librul textbooks and the agitprop promoted by those "American Taliban" (Whoops, Texan conservatives) who succeeded in getting a social studies curriculum approved – a curriculum which focuses on America as a “Christian Nation” and “whitewashes” (literally) contributions of minorities. Fox & Friends has dubbed the librul attempt to preserve reality based curriculum the “Texas Textbook Wars” – an appropriately dualistic image sure to please those Christian Fox & Friends fans who see life as a war between godly conservatives and satanic libruls who, in this case, are supporting the equally satanic Muslims whose history, according to the Texas Christian warriors on the Board of Education, is being treated as superior to Christianity. It’s creeping Sharia, I say. So what’s a good right wing Christian Texas Board of Education member to do? Go on Fox & Friends, Praise Jesus!

The “Cavuto Marked” title of the video provides the agitprop message: “Texas Biased Towards Muslims?” Steve Doocy provided the backstory about how the Texas Board of Education is considering a resolution that would threaten publishers not to push world history texts, that some argue, promote Islam while putting Christianity and other religions on the sidelines.” The agitprop chyron: “Texas Textbook Controversy, Promoting Islam and Spurning Christianity.” Fact Check – the issue is that Christianity isn’t getting equal time – not that it’s being spurned.) Steve then introduced his guest, the “American Taliban” (whoops far right Christian extremist) and member of the Texas Board of Education, Cynthia Dunbar. Steve provided affirmation for Ms. Dunbar in March during the lead up to the Board of Education vote on the revised social studies curriculum. Dunbar is a home schooler who believes that Obama sympathizes with terrorists and that the Founders didn’t want separation of church and state. She thinks government should be guided by a biblical litmus test. Dunbar said that she just want a “fair & balanced” presentation of all religions.” She cited how a “constituent” brought forward examples of anti-Christian bias. Doocy smirked, his voice getting more screetchy, as he cited how one book had 20 favorable mentions of Islam with barely a mention of Christianity. As Dunbar spoke of the unfairness of the books, the agitprop side bar was “Promoting Islam In Textbooks, TX Edu Board Cited a Few Books for Pro-Islam Bias.” The Next sidebar contained the name of the book “Word Civilizations” with “Cites Islam In Comments.” The next sidebar: “Book Does Not Cite Judaism or Christianity.” Steve scrunched up his face when he asked her why she thought that publishers “just slam, for instance in this case, Christianity?" She said this is why it’s important to have an elected Board of Education (And starting next year, the regressives, including the creationist dentist, Don McElroy, who supports this resolution, will be in the minority!) because it can be responsive to the public. Agitrop chyron: “Texas Textbook Controversy, Are Texas Textbooks Favoring Islam?” Doocy wanted to know what the reaction of the publishers has been. She said that while they haven’t had much of a response from publishers, they have had lots of support from individuals. She said that while this is a non binding resolution, they could reject the book outright so it’s “only fair” to give the publishers “due warning.” Steve grinned and squirmed in his seat when he thanked Dunbar for being there. He added that the reason why Texas is “looked at” is because the books that they approve are used all over the US.” Factcheck: Each school state has its own selection process. They are not required to purchase the Texas editions.

Comment: This segment was a Texas sized cowchip as neither Doocy nor Dunbar provided any information other than what the radical Christian right wing community is pushing. In typical fashion, the Fox & Friends host provided neither counterpoint in the form of information pertaining to those who are opposed nor somebody from the other side. What Doocy didn’t say was that a number of religious leaders are opposed to this resolution. (Some of the complaints here – among them the complaint that a text stated that Christianity laid the basis for anti-Semitism, which is totally true as anti-Semitism was rooted in the theology of early church “fathers.”) Doocy didn’t note that many of the books in question have been phased out. Doocy didn’t cite the unfounded Islamophobic paranoia in the resolution which states: “More such discriminatory treatment of relation may occur as Middle Easterners buy into the U.S. public school textbook oligopoly, as they are now doing.” He didn’t note that the Texas Freedom Network found the “charges to be deeply misleading.” But once again, Fox & Friends feeds its fundie audience more misinformation. Onward Christian Fox & Friends, marching as to Texas Textbook Wars, with the cross of Jesus, pro-Islamic textbooks will be no more…..