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Cavuto And Fox News Trot Out A Used Car Dealer To Portray Obama As A Salesman Pushing Health Care Reform Lemons

Reported by Guest Blogger - September 23, 2010 -

By Brian

In another mockery of “fair and balanced,” Fox News’ Neil Cavuto attacked discussed health care reform by hosting a car salesman to attack President Obama’s handling of the issue. Predictably, the take away was not just that Obama is like a used car salesman but a bad, unethical salesman determined to foist lemons on an unsuspecting public. Of course, neither Cavuto nor the guest discussed the actual substance of health care reform or how the legislative process bears no resemblance to a car purchase. But Cavuto repeatedly suggested that Obama is worse than a bad used car salesman and his guest happily added the professional details needed to complete the image. Fox News producers joined in by posting a lower-third banner reading, “Car salesman: President’s HC push comes across as desperate.”

"Would a used car salesman or a new car salesman ever call a customer months after making a purchase?” Cavuto asked guest Mark Calisi, president of Eagle Auto Mall.

Surprise! Calisi declared, “The president is coming across as desperate… The only time something like that is done is when you're not confident in the product or service that you're selling."

“Why would you run scared? You've already sold it." Cavuto asked.

Calisi, who has no political experience that we were told, “explained,” "It's not a done deal yet… That's why he's out reselling what he sold to the public in the first place."

"What would you do differently?" asked Cavuto.

"From the start, I would never sell a product or a service I didn't believe in,” Calisi said, showing his bias. Either Calisi had just admitted he opposed the health care reform legislation or he was baselessly claiming the president didn’t believe it in it. “I would make sure (it) was something that the public wanted... It's like a customer coming into my showroom. If we show them a car and they say, ‘Well, this is not really what I really want,’ and the salesman… continues to hound you, you’re more turned off by the product than you were in the beginning of the process… You're aggravating them so much, not only will they leave, but they may never even come back."

Just in case we missed the metaphor, Cavuto said, "That's kind of what were dealing with here, people who feel they got a jalopy." Of course, the plan had not taken effect yet so maybe Cavuto and his guest should let the public take it for a test drive before calling it a jalopy.

Cavuto said leadingly, "Not that you would run an operation this way, but you don't care because you've already got the money from the customer."

"It's a quick way to go out of business," Calisi agreed. He counseled Obama to "Be honest and say, ‘I believed in the process in the beginning. I realize as I moved forward with this, that this is not what I thought it was going to be.’ …If you fess up to it, it’s going to give you more credibility… Instead of saying we have an issue here, he keeps on pushing it."

"I couldn't say it better myself," Cavuto said approvingly.

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