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Fox Nation Article Title Islamophobic?

Reported by Priscilla - September 22, 2010 -

Fox Nation is a proud Christian nation full of those who love Jesus and who, in their love of Jesus, want to see anybody who isn’t a Jesus fan (Muslims, atheists, liberal Christians, etc) either dead or banished from the USA. And in Fox Nation, ain’t no party like an Islam bashing party which those who run Fox Nation, who know their demographics very well, are able to get started by posting blatant Islamophobic titles to their articles such as “Ground Zero Mosque OK But Not War Memorial Cross.” The very misleading lede, under the “Justice” section of Fox Nation, links to the video of the morning Christian crew’s discussion of the Mojave Desert cross during which, as I pointed out, Jesus’ BFF’s avoided any discussion of the nuances of the case in order to bash Obama and the ACLU - with a not so subtle Islamophobic reference thrown in for good measure. It was also yet another example of the "persecuted Christian" meme which Fox "News" and Fox Nation seem to specialize in - as shown by the article title under discussion. Liberty Institute lawyer, Kelly Shackleford, made the totally bogus comparison of this case to Park 51, claiming that if Obama spoke in favor of the “mosque,” then he should speak out about this issue. Steve Doocy asked why Obama, as Commander-in-Chief, wasn't speaking out. Of course, the NY Islamic Cultural Center issue is all about the Constitutional freedom to build a religious edifice while this issue is about imposing Christian symbols, exclusively, on public land – something that raises questions about violations of the separation of church and state. But don’t ya love how Rupert Murdoch’s “Christian” and America loving media, continues to instigate hostility towards yet another group branded as “the other” by the American Christian right wing. So far, the thread has over 300 comments, many of which are full of righteous Christian hatred. Oh, Praise Jesus! He hates Muslims, too. Just ask anybody who lives in Fox Nation - a place for "civil discourse." Doesn't it make you feel proud to be an American!