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Fox & Friends Use The Christian Cross To Bash Obama & ACLU

Reported by Priscilla - September 22, 2010 -

The good Christians on Fox & Friends do love their Christian cross stories, especially Christian crosses that are being attacked by evil, secular groups who obviously hate Jesus. I can’t say for sure if it’s because the meme of godless liberals is a core cannon of right wing political scripture; but Fox & Friends is certainly the show for persecuted Christians and persecuted Christian crosses. Steve Doocy even suggested that local opposition to a great, big 24 foot Vermont cross was driven by anti-Christian sentiment. Gretchen Carlson, in a discussion about the court challenges to crosses on public land, told attorney Kelly Shackleford, from the right wing persecuted Christian defender Liberty Legal Institue, that she fears ACLU opposition to crosses on public land will result in the destruction of veterans’ cemeteries. Above and beyond all persecuted Christian cross stories, Fox’s morning Christian corner seems to be really interested in the case of the Mojave Desert cross. Fox & Friends have done several pieces about this cross including one in which Gretchen Carlson said “hats off” to Shackleford for defending the cross which was erected in the 30’s, on public land, to honor war dead (Christian, that is!). A court case, claiming a First Amendment violation, was filed in 2001 and the case ended up in the Supreme Court. The Court refused to order the removal of the cross until the 9th Circuit Court decides the legality of a congressionally authorized land swap in which the VFW received the land on which the cross stood – a transfer which was invalidated by a lower court. Since the SCOTUS decision, in what Gretchen Carlson thinks is a “hate crime,” the cross was stolen. Friend of Fox, Kelly Shackleford is back in the picture as the representative of the VFW who now want to be included in court proceedings. The case is complex; but that didn’t stop Fox & Friends from making it into an ACLU and Obama bashfest.

Yesterday, good Christian Steve Doocy reported that the cross case has been at a standstill “but that is about to change.” Former Miss America and very good Christian, Gretchen Carlson, reported that the California VFW will file a motion today “in order to git the cross restored after it was stolen” (Is it my imagination or is Gretch developing a folksy, regional accent?) She introduced Kelly Shackleford whom she was happy to see. Shackleford said that because the VFW now owns the property (actually, until the 9th Circuit makes their decision, they don’t) they need to have their interests represented because the neither the ACLU nor the Obama administration speak for them. Doocy “explained” that Shackleford’s group wants to help replace the stolen cross and “you asked the White House and the Department of Justice for help and you haven’t heard anything back.” (Jesus wept!) “Why is that?” (Oh, Steve, is it because the Obama administration consists of godless heathens?) Shackleford said that the Obama administration has refused to put back the cross and that there is a letter, urging the president to act, that folks can sign on to because this is “ridiculous,” “disgraceful,” and “totally unacceptable.” Shackleford then gave the web address for the petition. Working in the requisite Christian Islamophobic reference, Shackleford said that Obama has been willing to speak out about the mosque; but not this. That this is a totally different situation was lost on the “friends.” Steve Doocy said, loudly, that “he’s the commander-in-chief, you think he would be on their side.” Doocy, who doesn't realize that the President isn't commander-in-chief of the VFW, shook his head in disbelief at this apparent blasphemy. Gretch worked in the requisite Christian anti-ACLU talking point: “you think one of the reasons that you’ve had radio silence from the Feds and folks in the Obama administration because they don’t want to incite ACLU, potentially?” Not surprisingly Shackleford said that “there’s no doubt” because Justice Department attorneys “think it’s a cute legal strategy to not have a memorial in the form of a cross that’s sitting there when they go back into court.” He said that the cross was there when the Supreme Court ruled in the favor so there’s no reason why a cross can’t be put back up. As Gretch asked if there’s been any new information on the cross theft, the agitprop chyron was “Ignoring America’s Veterans, Obama Administration Silent On Mojave Cross Case.” Kelly said that an exact replica is ready to go back up; “but we’re not able to do so because of the Obama administration."

Comment: Gretch and Steve didn’t tell you that The Baptist Joint Committee and an interfaith alliance of veterans groups had filed an “amicus brief” in support of the ACLU’s original position that the cross was a violation of the First Amendment. They didn’t mention that somebody claiming to be the thief claims to be a veteran. They didn’t mention that the man who filed the original case is a Roman Catholic. And perhaps the most salient point of this case, that it’s still under litigation, was totally ignored - just mention of a "standstill" and no other background. But why deal with facts when you can bash Obama and the ACLU. It’s all so very Christian!