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Megyn Kelly Spins Christine O’Donnell As Victim Of Nasty Media – Again!

Reported by Priscilla - September 21, 2010 -

Obviously, the Fox “News” party line is that poor lil Christine O’Donnell is being savaged by the evil media. Always a willing handmaiden in towing the Republican party line, the oh so “Fair & Balanced" Fox “News” anchor, Megyn Kelly is upfront in her defense of her conservative soul sister O’Donnell. Last week Kelly defended O’Donnell from the slings and arrows of the evil, librul media. Not even a week later, Kelly continues to defend O’Donnell. The title of the Fox News video provides a “Cavuto Mark” message for the Fox faithful: “Media Out To Destroy O’Donnell?” – a laughable premise considering that the Fox “News" 24 and 7 coverage of Obama’s connection to Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers might have been construed as an attempt to destroy the candidacy of Barack Obama. Fox attacks on Obama and his advisors is being continued on an almost daily basis by Glenn Beck and other Fox News hosts. Ah, don’t ya love the sweet smell of Fox “News” hypocrisy.

Kelly began yesterday’s segment by referencing how O’Donnell had cancelled two Sunday news talk show appearances. As she spoke, the agitprop chyron was “Dems & Media Make O’Donnell Only Political Story in US.” (Not like the ongoing loop of Rev. Wright’s “controversial” sermon, nosiree). (I guess Megyn thinks that there should be news blackout on crazy comments by GOP Christian candidates.) Of course, if a Democrat had this kind of baggage, Fox would certainly make it their only story! Kelly introduced the narrative by quoting Sarah Palin’s comment that “the national media is seeking her destruction.” Kelly asked if Palin had a point. She introduced her guest, Mary Anne Marsh, a former advisor to John Kerry and democratic strategist. Kelly said that the speculation, as to why O’Donnell cancelled, was because nasty Bill Maher released a clip of O’Donnell saying she used to “practice withcraft” and she “didn’t want to face those questions.” (Kelly didn’t mention that O’Donnell admitted to being in a room with a blood stained “altar” during a “date.”) Kelly then showed the video of O’Donnell’s quippy comeback to, as pointed out by Marsh, fellow right wing travelers, a home town crowd that loved her which, according to Marsh, was the right move because both local and national media picked it up.

Marsh said that the importance of the story isn’t about witchcraft or a witchhunt by the media, but about how the Delaware seat is pivotal to the chances of the GOP retaking the Senate. The “Fair & Balanced” Kelly, doing her best nany nany boo boo, said that “if that were the case we would be seeing both sides going after Chris Coons and Christine O’Donnell but they’re not.” She got even huffier when she hammered home more agitprop with “there is an obsession with Christine O’Donnell, an obsession by some on the right, some on the left, and certainly the media” – for right wing Fox watchers, the true enemy! She continued with her “Fair & Balanced” line of questioning: “It’s incredible how much interest in this one gal. Why?” (Uh, because her crazy views reflect those of the teabaggers who claim that they’re a real force in today’s politics). When Marsh said that when there are electoral surprises, like Angle and Joe Miller, Kelly, with a “gotcha” smirk, said that we didn’t see anything like this with Joe Miller. The unflappable Marsh responded that the Democrats don’t have a shot in Alaska, as they do in Delaware which is now in play. Supporting another of her right wing sisters, Kelly asked how much this has to do with O’Donnell being, "as Maureen Dowd" (evil, librul NY Times) "says, Sarah Palin mini me." (hey, I said it before Dowd did!)…"and you know the national media’s obsession with Sarah Palin.” (And Palin loves the press attention, Megyn). Megyn opined that “some smell blood in the water because she (O’Donnell) has some interesting history.” Kelly said that the press loves to "revel in that masturbation thing” which Kelly said “the Catholic church does teach.” (Hey Megyn, many Catholics think that it’s as much of a joke as the prohibition against birth control.) Marsh said that attention is paid to Palin because of her successful endorsements. Kelly talked over and said “it’s not about her endorsements…it’s about this woman. Why, you tell me Mary Anne...what is it about this woman and Sarah Palin that so gets under people’s skin?” (Hey Megyn, how bout the prettily packaged “Christian” homophobia and other opinions that are both ignorant and offensive!). When Marsh said that it was a woman in politics issue, Kelly asked what other female candidate experienced this type of attention. (Hey Megyn, how many political women have “dabbled in witchcraft” and talk about the evils of pornography and masturgation? How many compare themselves to Lord of the Rings characters? –not exactly mainstream here; but as Dowd says "amazingly loopy.") Marsh correctly named Hillary Clinton. Kelly continued her defense of O’Donnell: “But, but Mary Anne, Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton were running for the White House..this woman” (Megyn made a “teensy” hand gesture) "is from Delaware." Marsh accurately responded that this little seat could, among other things, make a difference in a Supreme Court nomination. Kelly breathless said, “it’s fascinating.”

Comment: Megyn Kelly, showing some love for the lil Republican from lil Delaware who is being unfairly bullied by the nasty bad librul media. But if O'Donnell loses the election, Megyn, watch out because Fox "News" management might want a cuter, fresher "America Live" and I don't think lil Christine would be adverse to a blonde dye job!