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Hannity Pretends Christine O’Donnell Never Said She Dabbled In Witchcraft

Reported by Ellen - September 21, 2010 -

Sean Hannity may have broken the record for most disingenuousness and hypocrisy in one Fox News segment last night (9/20/10). It started with Hannity whining about those meanie Democrats “orchestrating a smear campaign” against Christine O’Donnell. As if Hannity ever does anything but smear anyone he considers a political opponent. But then Hannity added dishonesty to disingenuousness by saying that Bill Maher “led the charge” for Democrats by “trying to suggest that she (O’Donnell) dabbled in witchcraft as a high schooler.” In fact, as Hannity must surely know, Maher did not suggest anything. O’Donnell said it herself, plain as day, that she had dabbled in witchcraft.

Hannity’s suggestion that Maher “led the charge” is also blatantly false. Maher is no Democratic operative. He describes himself as a libertarian who endorsed Bob Dole. Maher released the video – and promises more – because O’Donnell has refused to come on his show (video below).

O’Donnell did nothing to help herself over the weekend by canceling two appearances on Sunday talk shows with dubious excuses. In fact, I'd argue that it's really not about the witchcraft but O'Donnell's cowardly response to the revelations. But somehow, neither Hannity nor his guest, deadbeat Dick Morris, seemed to think of that.

Instead, Hannity “defended” O’Donnell by whining that nobody paid any attention to President Obama's past. Right, nobody EVER discussed Rev. Jeremiah Wright or Bill Ayers (with whom Obama had at most a casual friendship long after Ayers had become an upstanding citizen) during the 2008 campaign.

In yet another dose of disingenuousness and dishonesty, Hannity griped, “she’s a high school - OK, a friend of hers was in witchcraft. She dabbled for two days and now this becomes a big issue.” O’Donnell did not say in the clip that she dabbled for two days. If anything, she suggested it was longer. Oh, and by the way, O'Donnell's dabbling included satanism.

Is there any doubt that if O’Donnell were a Democrat, Hannity would be talking witches every day until the election? No. In this very same segment, Hannity referred to O’Donnell’s opponent, Chris Coons, as “the bearded Marxist,” based on an article he wrote in college in 1965. (h/t Oliver Willis) O’Donnell’s My Space page says she graduated high school in 1987. And speaking of old smears, isn't it time to let up on Ayers, too? He's a distinguished professor at University of Illinois at Chicago, having left the Weather Underground 40 or so years ago.

Dick Morris added, “Hillary Clinton, as First Lady of America, had a séance to summon Eleanor Roosevelt, to talk to her from the dead. This is not a high school prank.”

Of course, there are some major differences here: One, Clinton and others have disputed the séance characterization; but more importantly, Clinton does not hold herself up as some kind of ultra-Christian, as O’Donnell does.

Hannity laughed appreciatively at Clinton's "seance," even though the incident or incidents go back to about 1994.

He and Morris then offered campaign advice for O’Donnell - who is scheduled to appear on Hannity Tuesday night.

Then Morris plugged his upcoming movie, described as “the closing argument for the election victory in the midterm elections.”

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