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Fox News Contributor Compares The Health Care Bill To Organized Crime

Reported by Guest Blogger - September 21, 2010 -

By Brian

During Saturday’s Cavuto on Business (9/18/10), the Obama administration was repeatedly compared to the Mafia over health care reform. First, host Neil Cavuto compared Kathleen Sebelius to Tony Soprano for telling health insurers to stop unjustified rate increases. Then, a few minutes later, regular Charles Payne said, “You've got the Gambinos, the, who do we have, the Lucchese’s.. .You’re gonna like this health care plan whether you like it or not."(two other panelists, Gerri Willis and John Layfield, laughed). Later, in the segment, after Cavuto jokingly asked Willis if she was offended by “Charlie’s little anti-Italian rant,” she answered, “Not really. I kind of agreed with it.”

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