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Glenn Beck Graphic: Coons In Africa

Reported by Ellen - September 20, 2010 -

Don’t tell me Glenn Beck and his Fox News producers didn’t know what they were doing when, as Beck discussed Delaware Democratic Senate candidate Chris Coons' college trip to Kenya, a headline on the screen appeared that read, “Coons in Africa.”

Late in his show last Thursday (9/16/10), "Obama is a racist" Beck said that “they” are “purposely trying to keep you from looking at the truth about the election in Delaware.” So truthseeker Beck took a “quick second” to smear discuss the Democratic candidate, Chris Coons.

“So who is he?” Beck asked. “While at a student in Amherst college, he spent some time in Kenya and he came back a changed man. He wrote about his reaction his friends had when he returned to college.” Beck posted a quote from an article Coons wrote for his college newspaper in 1965, “Africa to them seems a catalytic converter that takes in clean-shaven, clear-thinking Americans and sends back bearded Marxists.” Of course, Coons was not saying he had become a Marxist, a point Beck neatly didn’t make. Instead, Beck added, “But Coons said he began questioning his idea of America leading up to his trip. His suspicions were just confirmed in Africa. He went on to say, quote, ‘I realize that Kenya and America are different but experiences like this warned me that my own favorite beliefs in the miracle of the free enterprise system and the boundless opportunities to be had here in America were largely untrue.’”

The headline “Coons in Africa” appeared over that last quote.

Beck’s “quick second” somehow left out the facts that a) Coons was repudiating Reaganomics (having been a college Republican), not the free enterprise system as a whole and b) also wrote that he had “returned to loving America.”

(H/T Mark D.)

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