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Christine O'Donnell Cancels Sunday News Show Appearances - UPDATED

Reported by Ellen - September 19, 2010 -

Tea Party darling and Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell canceled two Sunday talk show appearances, including a scheduled interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday. According to AP, O'Donnell's campaign cited scheduling conflicts, saying that she had commitments in Delaware. But AP also reported that O'Donnell canceled Fox News Sunday late Friday and CBS' Face The Nation on Saturday morning. If O'Donnell realized she had a conflict, wouldn't she have canceled both appearances at the same time? The cancelations also occurred on the heels of Bill Maher playing a clip of O'Donnell telling him she had "dabbled into witchcraft." (H/T Alex)

UPDATED: O'Donnell gave conflicting excuses to Fox News Sunday

From the AP article:

Banister said she was unaware of the previous commitments when she booked O'Donnell for the shows. She said she canceled with Fox News late Friday and with CBS early Saturday.

"We felt really bad," she said, adding the campaign apologized profusely for canceling at the last minute. Banister said O'Donnell would be pleased to appear on any Sunday news shows in the future.

...(Campaign spokesperson Diana) Banister said the decision was solely a scheduling issue and not because O'Donnell wasn't prepared to go on the programs.

However, the cancellations reflect a campaign of about six staffers trying to keep up after being thrust into the national spotlight. Banister said many requests are pouring in and the campaign needs a scheduler and additional aides.

Why would O'Donnell chicken out of an appearance on Fox News? The Hill noted that she had been scheduled to appear with Karl Rove, who is hardly a fan.

I'd say this "scheduling error" story is about as believable as her explanation that her tax lien was a mistake and that the foreclosure on her home was a "technical error" by the bank.

Bok, bok, bok!

UPDATE: On Fox News Sunday today (video below) host Chris Wallace said that before she told the show she had a conflict, O'Donnell said she needed to cancel because she was exhausted. But she was not too exhausted to speak at a "Values Voters" summit in Washington, D.C. on Friday.

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