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Megyn Kelly Defends Christine O’Donnell From Biased Mainstream Media?

Reported by Priscilla - September 17, 2010 -

Christian O’Donnell is now the Republican teabagging candidate for US Senate from Delaware. As such, Fox “News” feels that they have a sacred duty to defend this erstwhile, young, anti-masturbation, GOP candidate from the slings and arrows of the evil, librul media. That O’Donnell was criticized by her fellow Republicans, including Fox “News” employee Karl Rove, doesn’t seem to be an issue for Fox “News” which considers factual reporting, by the mainstream media, to be part of their ongoing meme of the evil, librul media attacking virtuous Republicans. Fox “news” anchor, Megyn Kelly is a reliable go to gal for defense of right wing causes and people that Fox has given its seal of approval to and now that Christine O’Donnell is part of the Fox right wing protected class, you betcha Megyn Kelly is doing her best to rehabilitate the image of this Sarah Palin mini me. Maybe it’s some kind of right wing sisterhood is powerful thing. But the thing is that when Hillary Clinton was being routinely eviscerated by Sean Hannity, who suggested that Vince Foster’s death was not a suicide and that Ms. Clinton had a role in a “cover-up”(“The Clinton Chapters”), Ms. Megyn didn’t mount the kind of staunch defense that she seems to be doing for Christine O’Donnell who does seem to have some unfortunate baggage – including a statement that she wouldn’t lie to Nazis. But Christine shouldn’t worry as Fox has her back so it’s all good.

Kelly played a brief clip of O’Donnell’s victory speech and noted how O’Donnell defied expectations. Megyn didn’t note that the “expectations” were from O’Donnell’s fellow Republicans some of whom write for the right wing “Weekly Standard.” Kelly wasted no time in articulating the message that O’Donnell has become a “punching bag for many in the media” and as such might be considered “the new Sarah Palin.” She asked “what it is about Christine?” and introduced her contributors, right wing Lars Larson and liberal Leslie Marshall. Kelly said that she was “amazed” at how O’Donnell went from being a local candidate to being a national personality thanks in part to Sarah Palin. Kelly then showed a photo, featured in media reports (Kelly cited the evil, librul Washington Post) of O’Donnell with a great, big smile. Kelly, with an “oh, they didn’t” look on her pretty face, asked if this was an “accident” that this is the photo “that they chose.” (Kelly has obviously forgotten about how Fox “News” doctored photos of NY Times reporters)Larson said that “they trying to paint her as a loon” (Hey Lars, they have lots of material!). Larson described her as a “sensible young lady” and accused the media of deliberately picking unattractive photos and “photos that suggest something a little bit dirty.” (WTF? Is Lars projecting his own right wing sexual fantasies?) He accused the media of “dirty pool” because they wanted the moderate Mike Castle to win. (Actually Lars, O’Donnell will provide them with much better “dish”). As a sample of O’Donnell’s coverage, Kelly indignantly read, from Politico, an ACCURATE description of O’Donnell. Kelly said “that’s how they sum up this candidate.” Marshall said how Americans are sick of lies and this is what you get when you run from office. Kelly shouted “what is it about her that bothers you the most?” If looks could kill, Marshall would have been dead given the daggers flying from Kelly’s eyes. As Marshall spoke about how O’Donnell is not talking about the issues, Kelly screetched over her about how Marshall wasn’t saying anything specific about what she didn't like and "OK" (untelligible) “what is it about her that’s so objectionable.” Marshall referenced how O’Donnell lied about her degree and mixes religion and morality with politics. (De rigueur for today’s GOP). Kelly asked “how she tried to do that.” Marshall cited O’Donnell’s views on sex, masturbation, “gays who she wished weren’t in the state of Delaware” and the I’ll tell the truth to Nazis comment.

Kelly said “nooo” and provided the message for the day in her toss to Larson – “you take a sensational headline, blow it into a story and people accept that she wanted the Nazis to kill Jews in World War II.” Kelly’s whined “that isn’t what she said,” and read the transcript in which O’Donnell said that God would provide a way to deal with Nazis looking for Jews whom she would have turned over to them. Kelly said that this was being “spun.” Lars wasn’t able to put a positive spin on this outrageous comment so he “spun” a right wing talking point that liberals don’t want to hear about God and said that O’Donnell’s answer was “sensible.” Kelly did say that Politico raises “legitimate questions.” She showed the “dirty” photo that she earlier criticized the Washington Post for using while she cited more information about O’Donnell’s baggage. Lars said that he was uncomfortable with O’Donnell’s statements but that the press doesn’t like her because “she’s a real conservative.” He said that liberals are saying that she’s right about abstinence and quoted the right wing, anti choice Greg Gutfeld (?!). After Larson agreed with O’Donnell about porn “screwing up relationships,” Kelly asked Marshall if O’Donnell’s position on porn and masturbation, because it’s “lust outside the marital relationship,” was “extreme.” (D’uuuuhhh!!) Marshall said that porn isn’t a political issue that Americans care about. Megyn had her I-am-so-pissed look as Marshall cited more instances of how people of both parties should be concerned about her.

Comment: How do you think Fox “News” would spin a Democratic candidate who had expressed sympathy with radical left wing Saul Alinsky type views – oh wait, that’s what Fox hosts and guests were saying about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama – even though it wasn’t exactly the way that Fox was spinning it! But Megyn Kelly can spin O’Donnell all she wants and it won’t obscure O’Donnell’s bizarre views (including the belief that AIDS victims deserve no sympathy because AIDS is their own fault) which the media has a responsibility to explore. Of course that won’t happen on Fox who will protect sweet lil O’Donnell from “attacks” by the librul press!