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Gretchen Carlson Disses Helena Montana Sex Ed – Again!

Reported by Priscilla - September 17, 2010 -

As America’s conservative, morning chat show, the weekday morning crew on Fox & Friends provided warm support, in their “Texas Textbook War” series, for conservative Texans who support a biblically based, whitewashed (literally) version of social studies. Nary was heard a discouraging word from those who opposed having Texas curriculum designed by Glenn Beck pal and bogus historian, David Barton. Fox & Friends also felt it was their duty, as the mouthpiece for the anti-sex education right wing, to vociferously spin what was a local issue in Helena, Montana, into a national debate about a degenerate sex-ed curriculum which will send innocent, heartland youth down the road to sexual perdition and decadent gay sex (First graders would be taught that people can be attracted to members of the same sex and we know that never happens to godly conservatives!) Fox fiend (whoops “friend”) Gretchen Carlson, who is so scared of the “gay agenda” that she doesn’t let her kids listen to “I Kissed a Girl,” seems to be spearheading this anti sex education jihad. (Whoops, crusade). She’s just so upset about this evil, librul Helena MT curriculum that she kvetched, with Bill O’Reilly, about how Montana is supposed to be a conservative place where this kind of librul nonsense isn’t tolerated. She provided anti- Helena sex-ed talking points (school nurse teaching kindergarten kids proper names for body parts = SEX ED BEGINS IN KINDERGARTEN!!!) during a segment where she also provided affirmation for two parents opposed to the curriculum. Recently she interviewed a chastity advocate to make the case against the curriculum. But in an attempt to be “fair & balanced,” Gretch actually interviewed the superintendent of Helena schools. But Gretch is so imbued with right wing outrage about dirty sex ed that she couldn’t help but articulate the requisite right wing talking points, underscored by biased chyrons, as she gave Dr. Messinger a piece of her mind- without the benefit of Gretch’s glowing smile that is bestowed on those who support conservative purity of mind and body.

This morning Gretch, with her best boy-am-I-pissed-off look, started with the requisite agitprop. She reported that “when Helena Montana proposed to teach sex education to kindergarten students, it had parents in an uproar.” Gretch didn’t mention that many parents supported it. She referenced how the original plan has been revised and introduced her first guest, a “concerned parent” who is afraid that “the changes don’t go far enough.” The unnamed parent was concerned that despite what the school superintendent said, “The spirit of the document” might remain. Obviously, she and Gretch had a preliminary conversation because she agreed with Gretch about how the “graphic” language has been “dumbed down.” Carlson did not say this on air. Without smiling, Carlson introduced her guest, Helena Montana Superintendent of Schools, Bruce Messinger, PhD. The graphic had a map of the US with Montana highlighted and a photo of Messinger with “controversial curriculum” under his image. Gretch hit him with the agitprop immediately: “This whole situation has caused quite an uproar and quite frankly, across the nation.” (Thank you Fox News!) She continued, “when you proposed this sex education plan that many people have labeled quite provocative” (as has Gretch!) "did you have any sense that it would be so controversial?” (Oh, snap, in a little more than a minute she worked in two “uproars” and one “controversial.”) The side graphic had, again, “Controversial Curriculum, District Sex-ed Criticized by Parents.” Messinger said that he understood the sensitivity of the issue, on both sides, and that feedback had been expected. Carlson referenced the “7,000 complaints” against the program. The graphic had, again, “Controversial Curriculum,Plan Will Now Focus on Abstinence Based Teaching” – actually, abstinence has only been added to what was proposed and is clearly not a “focus.” Carlson asked Messinger if he was comfortable with kindergartners learning names of body parts and first graders learning about same sex relationships. The graphic had “Controversial Curriculum, Eliminated Teaching of Same Sex Relationships.” While this is true, students will learn about different family structures. Messinger said that it was a “good starting place” and that public comment has modified it. Carlson worked in more agitprop: “The starting place, with all due respect, seems to be at such an ultra liberal level” because teaching 5 year olds about body parts is something that 5th graders don’t know about. (If Gretch thinks that 10 year olds should be using baby talk do describe their bodies, that is troubling!) Messinger said that the intent was to use scientific information and that there was misunderstanding about it. (Thank you Fox News!). Gretch, indignantly, voiced her opinion, when she asked him what research supported this “type of provocative education was beneficial to kids as young as 5.” Messinger cited studies about the benefits of comprehensive sex education. He agreed that parents should be involved in sex ed. Gretch echoed her conversation with O’Reilly when she said that “so many people are wondering, this is not San Francisco…” and that this is Helena Montana and “how did Helena Montana seem to go off the rails, at least that’s what a lot of parents have told us.” Messinger said that his community is diverse and that one can’t assume that Montana youth are isolated from outside influences.