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Fox News Suing Democratic Missouri Senate Candidate Robin Carnahan

Reported by Ellen - September 17, 2010 -

Fox News and host Chris Wallace have filed a lawsuit against Democratic Missouri Senate candidate Robin Carnahan for using a clip from Fox News Sunday in a campaign ad targeting Carnahan's Republican opponent, Roy Blunt. I'm not an attorney but this sentence from the Hollywood Reporter's coverage of the case caught my eye: "The Rupert Murdoch-controlled company is breaking new ground, filing a lawsuit against a prominent Democratic politician targeting a practice that has long been common in the political world."

In the ad, Wallace is seen challenging Blunt on ethics, including a connection to Jack Abramoff. That apparently made it a "smear ad," according to the Fox News complaint.

With perhaps unintentional hilarity, The Reporter noted, "The cable news network says that by using the interview, "Defendant harmed the value of the original work by compromising its apparent objectivity."

You can watch the ad here.

I'm willing to give Fox the benefit of the doubt as far as its copyright claim goes. BUT there are some more facts that call into question Fox's actions.

As Media Matters reports, Fox News Sunday - hosted by none other than plaintiff Chris Wallace - had reportedly offered to host a nationally-televised debate between the two candidates. Not only that, but Fox News' parent company, News Corp., has donated $10,000 to Republican Blunt's campaign committee, including $2,500 this election cycle. No money has apparently been donated to Carnahan.

If Fox News wants to run into court crying about damage to its 'apparent objectivity," it might want to clean its own house.

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