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Now That The GOP Backs O’Donnell, So Does Cavuto

Reported by Ellen - September 16, 2010 -

Co-authored by Brian

Remember how dismissive Neil Cavuto was of GOP senate candidate Christine O’Donnell a few weeks ago? Well, that was when the Republican Party was against her. Now that they’re for her, so is Cavuto.

During his “Common Sense” segment today, Cavuto said:

If you can't beat 'em, bash 'em. If you can’t lick ‘em, laugh at ‘em. It is amazing how this tea party reaction plays out each and every time. Again and again, same thing. They're all a joke thing. Let's see, Christine O'Donnell is the dunce who won the Republican Senate nomination in Delaware but can't possibly win the election because, well, like the media said, she’s a dunce and she doesn't pay her taxes and she didn't pay her tuition and she probably beats her dog. The last one I made up, but wait, that one I’m sure is coming.

Actually, Cavuto, himself, asked her about the tuition and taxes and sneered at her answers.

Then there's Carl Paladino in New York, the feisty Buffalo businessman who came out of nowhere to take down Republican party favorite Rick Lazio in the New York governor’s race. He's instantly been branded a nut, and anything he's ever said about anybody at anytime is considered fair game-the crazier, the better.

Does Cavuto really think that Paladino is NOT a nut or does Cavuto subscribe to Paladino’s racist, pornographic humor?

Cavuto moved on to give a boost to Nevada’s tea party/Republian candidate:

They did it with Sharron Angle, remember, in Nevada when she surprised everyone, including the Republican party establishment, to take on Harry Reid. In a nanosecond, Sharron became a numbskull… Guess what, the pariah is leading in the polls. So I say, ‘Hail to all numbskulls!"

Yes, Angle is leading - by one point, according to the most recent poll, well within the margin of error. Somehow, Cavuto forgot to mention that Angle blew through an 11-point lead to get there. The race is ranked as a toss up on Real Clear Politics.

…Primary night… the National Republican Senatorial Committee puts out a dopey statement vowing not to support (O’Donnell) or give her so much as a dime. Then the next day changing on a dime and promising to give lots of dimes and support to O'Donnell in the general election... The dunces aren't the ones trying to get elected, the dunces are the ones who mock the fact that they’re trying to get elected. Who, with the help of the media, end up being the ones who look like total a****. Not the candidates.

I wondered what they would say about Abraham Lincoln? Too much of a bumpkin, too rough around the edges, too "out there" to ever "get in there." Then I thought about Ronald Reagan-the actor too clueless to be President, who turned out to be a pretty good President.

You have to wonder what Reagan would say about the likes of O’Donnell, Angle and Paladino.

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